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Too early to tell?

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MaybeBabyOct2015 Mon 19-Oct-15 18:49:04

I'm after a bit of advice please...

I've had a feeling I might be pregnant for about a week, and on Saturday I started feeling nauseous. AF wasn't due until today so I took two pregnancy tests first thing Sunday morning and both were positive. One was a clear blue weeks test which said 'pregnant, 1 to 2weeks', the other was a standard line test which produced a faint result. I had pretty bad stomach cramps Saturday night so went to docs today. Dr did a pregnancy test and it was quite a faint result. She said it was too early to do anything, so I should wait and test again in a week! If it's still positive I can book in to see the midwife.

Has anyone else had this experience? I know in reality it is very early days and I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but not sure what to think now and waiting a week is going to be really hard! I was also hoping to tell my family soon, but not sure if I should wait now?

Many thanks in advance smile

Brummiegirl15 Mon 19-Oct-15 18:55:42

You'll lose nothing by waiting a week - and the doc is right, it's too early to see the midwife. They won't book you in until at least 8 - 10 wks.

You won't necessarily need to wait a week if AF is due today - but you might feel better waiting a couple more days.

Onthepigsback Tue 20-Oct-15 00:52:39

You are pregnant congrats! Now what you need to do is take you vitamins and wait a bit to then set up your booking in appointment at about 10 weeks. Up to you whether you tell family yet but do keep in mind that early miscarriages are common so for that reason you may wish to wait a few more weeks. Up to you completely but right now you are as pregnant as anyone, faint line means nothing particularly negative at this point.

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