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How soon did you get the nursery done?

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beehappybe Sun 18-Oct-15 21:50:24

So the sickness and nausea is mostly gone now and have been replaced with tiredness and kicking but still, I have more energy than in the last three months (finally). So I have managed to come up with the nursery design and colour scheme and pick all the bits we need to buy. I am 20 weeks.

*I wonder when did everyone start decorating and furnishing their nursery?*It seems the second trimester is the best time to do this??

I figure if I start doing everything now it will be done before Christmas leaving me January to focus on training my maternity cover at work and February just for me...

Francoitalialan Sun 18-Oct-15 21:53:54

Given that the advice on how to avoid Sudden Infant Death is fir them to always be with you, for naps and sleep, the nursery is obsolete till they're 1!

Micah Sun 18-Oct-15 21:54:48

I didn't.

Cot in the spare room. Job done.

Unless the room needs decorating anyway, I wouldn't bother. You can always add lampshades/curtains/rugs to personalise it without loads of work and expense.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 18-Oct-15 21:54:51

DS is 13 months and I've not done it! They don't mind where they sleep really and it's advised they are in with you for the first 6 months - although up to you if you do that or not.

I think the time you are thinking of sounds good though, after the scan but before you get too big and tired smile

Tootsiepops Sun 18-Oct-15 21:57:19

Our nursery is half done and I'm now just gone 35 weeks. No pressure as the baby will be in our room for the first 6 months.

skinnyamericano Sun 18-Oct-15 21:58:00

I didn't either. DS stayed in our room until about 6 months, then slept in a cot in his own room. I decorated it nearer his 1st birthday when I thought he might notice a bit.

Llouh Sun 18-Oct-15 21:58:08

39 weeks and my 'nursery' is still a spare bedroom with a double bed in. blush

I thought I was the only one leaving the nursery decoration a few months but clearly not.

Baby is due on Friday, I'm thinking of starting the nursery next year some time?

HopeFull28 Sun 18-Oct-15 21:58:32

I'm 37wks and cot and furniture is still in boxes hmm but our DS is going to be in our bedroom for first 6months... Maybe we are a bit too laid back haha

BondJayneBond Sun 18-Oct-15 21:59:56

DH rushed to get the nursery all finished before DS1 was born.

And then DS1 spent over 6 months sleeping in our bedroom.

poocatcherchampion Sun 18-Oct-15 22:00:13

Sorry - we didn't really take this seriously either.

For dc1 there was some twee mamas and papas shite from the previous homeowners that we hadn't got rid of, so we bought a matching lampshade on ebay.

For dc2 we had just bought a fixer upper and we decorated their bedroom over approx the first year of dc2s life. Mostly with her in a sling. We only painted it yellow though - the furniture is not child sized.

For dc3 I have cleared out a drawer in the aforementioned room.

Wolfiefan Sun 18-Oct-15 22:02:23

Generally several years after they were born!

mummyneedinganswers Sun 18-Oct-15 22:03:16

My nursery was done by 23 weeks even though she will be in with me the first few months I wanted to have it done I hate not being organised. I'm now 34 weeks tomorrow and glad I did do it then as my baby was nearly delivered at 32 weeks and I'm now on rest full time except my daily trips to hospital for monitoring. If I hadn't of done it then I would have no energy or time to do it now. Do it when it feels right for you.just because you do your nursery doesn't mean u are going to put baby straight in there it just means one less thing to do when u do decide to put baby in room on its own x

Bishboshbash Sun 18-Oct-15 22:03:22

Erm yep we didn't have a nursery either, DS slept in our room until he was about 11 months then I slept in the spare room with him. He has his own room now (he's 2.5) but its not decorated in any kind of "kiddy" way. He doesn't seem to mind!

MyNameIsSuz Sun 18-Oct-15 22:03:23

My boy is three, that's years not months, and his room still has a cupboard full of our old spare room stuff! It was still half office until he was about 1, as others have said he was in with us at first so we just needed it for storage. This time around the only space the baby is getting is a crib down the side of our bed and a bigger chest of drawers in ds' room so I have somewhere to stash clothes and muslins. Not sure where the cot will go when we need it...

Dogsmom Sun 18-Oct-15 22:04:54

Dd1's nursery was done, decorated and had a fully stocked wardrobe by the time I was 6 months pregnant.

Dd2 is now almost 8 months and her room didn't even exist until she was 3 months old, it's not quite finished yet and she lives in sleepsuits. It's so different 2nd time round.

Oysterbabe Sun 18-Oct-15 22:05:00

I'm 25 weeks and we painted today. Still no buying furniture, as the others say there's no hurry. Baby will be with us for a while.

Andcake Sun 18-Oct-15 22:06:05

Painted spare room but didn't do the cheesy nursery thing. Ds ended up moving into his own room at 16 months due to being a nightmare sleeper so if we had done a nursery dp would have been on a sofa bed in a very tree room by himself a few nights a week

Mintyy Sun 18-Oct-15 22:06:18

Fil painted our small third bedroom and I organised some nice animal print curtains for "the nursery" at some point during dd's first 6 months. Until that point it contained nothing but an Ikea wardrobe and changing table. Dd slept in our room.

winchester1 Sun 18-Oct-15 22:06:21

Ours are 9 months and 2.2 yrs and are on travel cots in the spare room which is now of course their room.

May09Bump Sun 18-Oct-15 22:13:47

I did it in the last trimester - I actually moved into it the first week the baby was home. The baby was woken with DH snoring and DH was woken with baby snuffles - so i put a single bed in there next to the cot and that was us for the next 6 months. Baby also had reflux - so if we all remained in the same room, we would all have been sleep deprived.

I also found it easier to keep all the baby stuff organised in that room, plus baby gifts etc. it was my oasis of calm - cheesy I know.

I bought mamas & papas furniture - it has done DS until nearly 7. I'm due again in May and this baby will now have this furniture - looks brand new. It was quite pricey, but I didn't want to change that often.

beehappybe Sun 18-Oct-15 22:27:48

Well, Francoitalialan why such negative post? Why can't you have a nursery finished and still have the baby sleep with you??? The baby still needs a space to be changed in, dressed in and have things stored in...
Dogsmom thanks for your post,nice to see there are people who have done it (even sooner than I am planning). I can imagine second time round will be different...
I intend to sleep in the same room as the baby but as husband will be working it will be either him in the nursery some nights or me and they baby so either way want it to be a nice room as currently it's more of a storage room. It's not just about being practical, it's about enjoying one nice thing to do after all the throwing up...

brookeberry Sun 18-Oct-15 22:51:46

I'm with you beehappy. We have a spare room that I'm dying to turn into a nursery, but I'm only 14 weeks. I think I will wait to around 20 weeks before doing anything. The baby will sleep with us for the first 6 months or so, but I want a room set up for changing, cot ready, baby's things etc. And yes, I may even get a little canopy above the cot and a huge teddy in the corner and I don't care what anyone else thinks!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 18-Oct-15 22:56:01

DD is 14 weeks and the 'nursery' is still an office.

ALR123 Sun 18-Oct-15 23:04:02

Hi beehappy, im 27 weeks and me and hubby finished our nursery about 4 weeks ago. I am so happy with it. We also bought a nursing chair which sometimes I like just going and sitting in to reflect on how much life's about to change! Fully aware baby will be in with us for months but it'll need it's room eventually and now we can still change it and do night feeds in there.
Congrats and have fun decorating, we loved doing ours x

SaltySeaBird Sun 18-Oct-15 23:16:38

With DD I was around 36 weeks before we did the nursery. With DC2 we'll wait until they arrive I think as we use the other spare room a lot!

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