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Trying to conceive...

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Sjr89 Sat 17-Oct-15 18:44:05

Hi everyone,
I'm new to mumsnet so please bare with me as I'm not sure if I'm on the right topic. I'll get straight to the point.
2 months ago my partner and I decide to try for a baby. I swapped from having the copper coil to the mini pill. I was only on it 3 weeks before we decided. After numerous hpt as i was 2 weeks late.I had my first period after the pill which was all over the place including black spots and clots (sorry for tmi) so after my period we started again straight away. This past week I've been extremely tired. Even going to bed after putting my son to bed at 730! Which is unlike me. My moods have fluctuated quite bad mainly being extremely moody and snappy. (Partner says it's the worst he's saw me) my breasts more so my right one have been very sore and my nipples sensitive. I've had more of an appetite and been really thirsty and obviously urinating more. I track my periods using an app and it says I'm 2 days late so today done another hpt which resulted in it being negative. Not long after testing I noticed some very pale pink spotting (normally I spot blood just before my period) and cramps. I don't know what to think as it feels like I'm coming on but it's the pink spotting what's confused me and that I'm late. I'm starting to feel really run down from it as I don't know what to think and are always so tired sad and the thought of keep buying hpt. Thanks for your time any of your stories or what you could think would be helpful smile

CuppaSarah Sat 17-Oct-15 18:57:22

Trying to concieve really is a confusing time. It honeslty could go either way, you could have ovulated a little later and the spotting was an implantation bleed. Or after all the changing about with contraception has your hormones a bit mixed up.

There's a brilliant board called conception, click the work talk, under the heading becoming a parent you'll find it. You can join a group of other woman who are trying to, it really helps to have others on the same boat.

Sjr89 Sat 17-Oct-15 19:35:06

Hi CuppaSarah smile
Thank you for replying.
I know it can be quite stressful. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Thank you I'll try that smile

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