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Good Gynaecologist in Tunbridge Wells

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dibrahim Fri 16-Oct-15 09:46:22


Can anyone recommend a good Gynaecologist in Tunbridge wells? I am moving there from London in a couple of months, and we plan on starting to get pregnant naturally around that time, and I wish to see someone good to start that journey with them. Any recommendations appreciated. It could be in a Hospital or Medical/Fertility centre.



ispyfispi Fri 16-Oct-15 15:37:28

Genuinely confused why you need a gynaecologist to get pregnant naturally? Round here we usually just give the GP a call once we have a bfp and they'll put you in touch with a midwife. Most women I know do all they can to avoid seeing a consultant hoping for a nice low risk pregnancy. If I'm missing something I can certainly ask around for recommendations. Good Luck! Tunbridge Wells is lovely smile

dibrahim Fri 16-Oct-15 16:04:54

Thank you for your reply. I have polycystic ovaries so initially just need to do some routine check ups to ensure everything is in order. Thanks

Niki18 Fri 16-Oct-15 19:16:38

Avoid pembury hospital!! I had some problems with cysts at the beginning of the year and the gynocologist i saw was awful!! Kept pushing the coil on me even though I said we wanted to try for a baby and then gave me as little info as possible about condition etc I would avoid there at all costs!! Good luck with everything smile

dibrahim Sat 17-Oct-15 12:11:53

Thank you Niki18, where did you end up going in the end?

Niki18 Sat 17-Oct-15 14:26:30

I just ended up back at my gp's as had so many unanswered questions and was actually waiting for a referral to a gynocologist when found out was pregnant so never got much further I'm afraid. Sorry can't be more help smile

Tootsiepops Sun 18-Oct-15 03:51:54

You'll probably struggle to get an NHS referral to gynae within an acceptable amount of time - particularly if you already have a diagnosis and are simply looking at routine tests.

If you're going down the private route, there's Nuffield, Care Fertility, or the Wells suite at Pembury hospital.

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