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38+2 excitement turning to worry.

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MrsA2015 Wed 14-Oct-15 13:47:37

So far I've been so excited to meet my first baby! I keep going through it all in my head how I imagine the day will happen (I have 101 scenarios in my head!) But slowly I'm starting to get anxious and worried about the pain and recovery, I'm a wimp when it comes to discomfort. I know the end result will be SO worth it and I'll forget all about the pain hmm usually suffer from horiffic periods and can't even imagine what recovery from birth will feel like I just want to be strong enough to be or at least attempt to be the best mum I can and not rely too much on any help I'm lucky enough to receive. DH has vowed to do as much as
He can.
Arghhh hate feeling like this, last 2 weeks have absolutely dragged out and my minds going into overdrive! sad

Rant over.

sophiaslullaby Wed 14-Oct-15 16:35:44

Hi MrsA, I'm 38 weeks today and have done all 101 scenarios too, most of my scenarios vary at the start of labour though (will i be at home? will i be out? will my DH be home or will i need to ring him? etc.), the one constant that never changes is how I push baby out and how he's passed to me. So kinda tells me my fears rest on the the shock of start of labour (first baby too!). I've been going to a fantastic birthing class (Daisy Foundation) which has taught me various breathing exercises that have given me so much confidence, i highly recommend you google and youtube breathing exercises and start practising now.

Another point is to not get upset that your feeling anxious now - it's perfectly normal, you've not done it before so a little fear of the unknown is to be expected. Your DH sounds lovely and will be right there with you.

If you feel the anxiety is really starting to affect you then talk to your midwife at your next appointment (if not before potential due date then call her up to chat), have you discussed pain relief with the MW?

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