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Rubella and pregnant friend

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littleweed Thu 13-May-04 18:19:42

My neice has Rubella - i haven't been in contact with her myself, but have spent time wth my parents , who have been in contact with the spotty one. I'm due to see a friend tomorrow who is preganant - not sure how far gone but has sizeable bump. do I still see her ? Am i likely to be carrying it? am I being overparanoid?! think I had the jab when at school but my memory ain't what it used to be!

lars Thu 13-May-04 18:37:17

littleweed, have you children of your own? The reason why I asked if you have then it would of be picked up if you had immunity to rubella at antenatal ( blood tests) . I didn't have the jab at school therefore i had the jab after I had my dd before leaving hospital. Also my mother was in contact with the virus ( my siter had it) when she was carrying me. I was fine but I still didn't have any immunity. I hope this help but phone your gp or get your friend to speak to midwife just to be safe. larsxx

Jimjams Thu 13-May-04 20:14:52

lars is right if you have had children you would have been told if you weren't immune. It is very unlikely that someone would get to your parents age without being immune. Also if she is past 14 weeks (which she should be with a big bump) then there's no danger anyway

beansprout Thu 13-May-04 20:31:00

Is your friend immune - again, if pg she would have been tested. I work with people whose mums had rubella in preg and the effects can be devastating.

Perhaps ring your friend and see what she would like to do? It's not up to us to decide for her? hth

littleweed Fri 14-May-04 18:37:43

thnaks ladies for all the advice. my friend found out she was immune so all was ok. we went shopping, spent a forunte and had a really good (worryfree!) day

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