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Feeding pillow recommendations please

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KipperTheFish Mon 12-Oct-15 19:43:42

There are so many on the market, and the price differential is incredible. Anyone got a recommendation please?

Also, some look quite small around the waist, and as a size 16 before I even got pregnant, I'm wondering if those smaller ones might not fit round me... Any advice?

stuckinahole Mon 12-Oct-15 20:03:46

To be honest they are actually quite a hindrance, midwives also hate them as they can prevent a good latch.

I did try one but couldn't get on with it.

Hopefully someone will come along with a good suggestion

fearsomepixie Mon 12-Oct-15 20:05:06

I've always used just a normal v shaped pillow, you can get them in Dunelm etc. The proper feeding ones look small, I'm feeding a 7 month old of average size and I don't think he'd fit on it comfortably. I'm a 16/18 and it's very comfy for both of us. It was also great as a back or bump pillow when I was pregnant.

MyNameIsSuz Mon 12-Oct-15 20:18:57

I really liked mine - it was much firmer than a normal pillow which was important. It was the john lewis one, I don't remember what it's called.

Strawclutching Mon 12-Oct-15 20:21:11

I got a cheapie off ebay and loved it. Used it for breastfeeding, then I used it for sleeping with my bad back then for baby to sit up on.

Blueturquoise Mon 12-Oct-15 20:28:06

I had a widgie one not too expensive and I found it helped - Physio recommended it too as it improved my posture and helped manage coccyx and back pain I was having. I found it brought baby closer to the nipple actually and it fit my body well plus it s firm and supportive and squishy. Each to their own I guess.

GBBO15 Mon 12-Oct-15 23:45:28

I got the My Brest Friend one and find it really helpful.

teamrigby Tue 13-Oct-15 10:53:02

I got a DreamGenii off of ebay and love it for sleeping. If you look at the DreamGenii website you can also use it after birth for breastfeeding too, so I'll be giving that a go smile

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