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Spike in BP

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Roastturnip Sat 10-Oct-15 08:41:20

Hi everyone. 38 weeks today and a couple of days ago experienced a real spike in bp. ...150/100. This led to admission for 24 hours whilst monitoring me. Thankfully it came down with meds and has stayed down since. I now have to be consultant led, rather than MW and need careful monitoring. I totally understand the reasons why and the risks of pre eclampsia needing to be monitored (thankfully no other signs in urine or blood or anything) but gutted that this means it likely I won't get my low key MW led birth. I really wanted to use the birthing pool but won't be allowed now I don't think if I'm consultant led. I'll find out more when I see consultant next week but arrrgh! know when you had a certain birth in mind and had it all planned?

bluewisteria Sat 10-Oct-15 09:11:07

There is no 'allowed' in birth... Speak to the supervisor of midwives, explain that you want a water birth in midwife led unit. Say that unless something actually goes wrong ie PE or something else there is no reason not to be on MLU.

I think if you are clear that you will of course go to consultant ward if anything changes then stand your ground and see what she says, you might be surprised.

I had high bp and was induced but was allowed on MLU when I requested it.

Autumn2014 Sat 10-Oct-15 10:21:51

I'd listen to the professionals. If you've been put on bp medication then it's really important that you have consultant led care. Pre eclampsia is a real possibility and I wouldn't listen to the previous poster who suggested that you still consider the mlu. It can get worse very quickly. Eclampsia means bolt from the blue and you can feel fine until suddenly you aren't and can be very dangerous. I know because I developed a severe form at 31 weeks. I had to let go all my expectations of a normal birth and delivery but was very glad that modern technology and medicine was there to help me. Good luck

Roastturnip Sat 10-Oct-15 10:45:04

Thank you both. It was only a one off dose of meds for the spike I had and haven't been prescribed it for regular use, as BP has stayed down ever since. No other symptoms of ore eclampsia thank goodness but need to see MW twice weekly now to keep an eye. I'll wait and see what I'm advised by consultant next week and go from there. I am hoping that this was a one off and they'll be open minded!

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