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mc 1 week ago and low hcg, but still getting bfp

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ally1983 Wed 07-Oct-15 18:58:04

Hi all

I am hoping someone can offer me some sage advice and help stop me obsessing! A week and a half ago I got my first ever bfp but was spotting and so 3 days later went for a blood test and scan at my local EPU. By the time I had the appointment I was bleeding red blood and so was pretty convinced I had had a chemical pregnancy/early mc which the blood test results confirmed the next day (hcg 38). I was given a hpt and told to call in a week later with the results. In the meantime had a full-on period, so no doubt in my mind about it being a mc. One week on and was shocked to get a rapid bfp this morning. returned to EPU at their request. The nurse made me do another hpt which she announced was negative, although urine was v weak. I showed her my test from this morning after which the nurse said the new test was also showing a faint line. She conferred with the doctor who said that "because your hcg level was only 38 a week ago, we think it's still a negative". now I'm not trying to clutch at straws, but am really confused. If my level last week was only 38, surely by now I would have dropped below the level a hpt could return a negative?

The EPU wouldn't do a blood test, but I made them give me another hpt to check in another week. I want to be sure I mc'd and that I don't have an ectopic, etc but living in doubt is a nightmare.

If anyone has had a similar experience or some good council please please share!

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