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Pregnancy brain - this was today's masterpiece

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RidingSixWhiteHorses Wed 07-Oct-15 14:40:50

Hired a handyman for the morning to do all the things I've been nagging dh to do. Partly because handyman cheaper than marriage guidance and partly because dh could do it all very slowly but I don't want to be a bag and also just want it all done pre baby (am 38 weeks).
So handyman comes and I give him a list - put pics up, drill holes,
fix a few things, screw in a bolt etc. I only bloody forgot to get him to do the one thing dh probably couldn't do and the think that I most wanted - to put blinds up on our velux windows. Sigh.

handbags88 Wed 07-Oct-15 19:46:13

I went to the shops the other day and came home with nothing at all that I should have bought. So DH had to go again. Oops!

BadgerFace Wed 07-Oct-15 20:48:11

Have a look for videos online about how to fit Velux windows - we spent ages with none in our attic as we waited for our handyman to have time to fit them and DH eventually looked into it and managed himself (and he is not at all handy - we use a man for most things!)

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