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Does engagement indicate labour?

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Ladypug Fri 02-Oct-15 22:33:27

Found out today I'm 3/5 engaged and midwife said doubts we will need to worry about induction but not due for a few weeks yet. Does the amount you're engaged indicate how soon you will go into labour e.g. does 5/5 mean it's imminent?

RaaRaaTheLion Fri 02-Oct-15 22:36:46

For me, sadly not. I was waddling around at 4/5 engaged for 6 weeks; DD went the full two weeks over and came two hours before my induction was scheduled for.

Theonethatgotaway772 Fri 02-Oct-15 22:38:18

Not for me it didn't,was 5/5 with both and went 10 days over with both births.

mrschatty Fri 02-Oct-15 22:38:41

Hello- unfortunately no. My very dear friend was 3/5 engaged at 37 weeks and was induced at nearly 43 weeks. So the amount you are engaged does not mean that labour is imminent and judging by my friends example also doesn't mean induction won't be needed!

ALongTimeComing Fri 02-Oct-15 22:38:49

Nope. I was 1/5 engaged, then 2/5 engaged from about 35 weeks onwards until week 40 when the little monkey's head was free(0/5 engaged) ! Lost my plug the next day though and had the baby about 3 days after being told the head was free.

NickNacks Fri 02-Oct-15 22:39:40

My earliest baby was the only one not to engage at all.

Ladypug Fri 02-Oct-15 23:00:16

Ah ok, thanks guys! Got all excited for a moment...

AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 02-Oct-15 23:31:07

My hospital do it the opposite way around so 0/5 is fully engaged. Check if your notes say palpable or engaged!

MrsBungle Fri 02-Oct-15 23:35:06

No. I was 3/5 engaged at 31 weeks! Had did at 40+8!

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