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Don't give up

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MrsSnow Fri 02-Oct-15 21:27:22

I've had really bad sciatica pain (am 27 weeks), I saw my first midwife (who is the team leader) who basically nodded sympathetically and said nothing could be done. Then saw GP who nodded sympathetically and said normally he would prescribe strong pain killers but I could not have them as pregnant, he also said there was no point in referring me to physio as they wouldn't see me as it takes 2/3 months for a referral. He suggested internet exercises.

In all this my midwife changed. I've not even met her yet, however she has spoken to physio and they have said that I am at the ideal stage to be referred to them as there is still time for the exercises to make a difference to my pregnancy. So the referral is going ahead with a view to seeing them in the next fortnight!

My point is it has taken me mentioning my problem to 3 people before someone was actually willing to do something AND something can be done so basically don't be fobbed off. Hang in there.

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