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Pulsating tummy 31 weeks

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mummyneedinganswers Thu 01-Oct-15 01:03:20

Okay so 31 weeks and keep feeling like a pulse inside its Defo not mine as its literally inside and doesn't match my pulse when times together and not fast enough to be babies even though I wouldn't feel hers.

She has been extremely active today. She had hiccups for first time earlier. But for around 10-15 minutes I had pulsating in tummy and it Defo wasn't hiccups and I googled it and it says it is baby practice breathing

Has anyone else ever experienced there baby practice breathing and actually felt j I got quite concerned as thought something was wrong with her

mummyneedinganswers Thu 01-Oct-15 19:31:44

It's started again while I'm drinking tea so maybe thinking it could be the caffeine making the pulsating twitch low down

MummaGiles Thu 01-Oct-15 19:35:53

Could be LO playing with the umbilical cord smile

mummyneedinganswers Thu 01-Oct-15 19:42:51

Oh could be never thought of that lol. I know it's something but so strange when she does it

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