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Anyone pregnant with their 5th?

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sammyjayneex Tue 29-Sep-15 19:53:29

So I'm pregnant with my 5th baby. I'm worried and scared and hand so many emotions around it. I've not told my husband as we are not good at the moment and I think he'll react badly. I'm probably about 6 weeks. So can anyone share their experiences of having a 5th child? I already have 4 girls.

stateoftheart Wed 30-Sep-15 00:45:26

Me! I'm pregnant with baby no.5

Had lots of mixed emotions as other children are with my stbxh and this baby is with new partner. My fears and worries have lessened and now I am super excited for this baby, although I know it will bring lots of changes.

MazyCrummy Wed 30-Sep-15 01:35:23

Me too! I'm 27w with my 5th, though like you state, my first with my DH. I've got 1DD and 3DS, and this baby is another DS. This pregnancy has been the toughest but I think that's because I'm older - very excited though.

How are you feeling Sammy?

GizzyBoo Wed 30-Sep-15 09:05:18

Me too! 6+4 with #6.
Bit of a shocker but delighted now.
Haven't told anyone other than my sister yet as I'm sure some family members will be non too impressed.
I have 3 boys and a girl.
The baby is due the week before my 40th birthday. Eldest will be 19 and youngest will be 3.5 grin

GizzyBoo Wed 30-Sep-15 09:06:46

I was nervous to tell my dh too. We'd had the baby chat and he was very much against and we were waiting on his appointment for a vasectomy referral.
He's getting used to the idea now wink

sammyjayneex Wed 30-Sep-15 10:45:09

Thank you all for your experiences
I'm feeling slightly happy about it, I must be mad because I know it will have its challenges and I know Dh won't have the same enthusiasm as me but I'm sure in time he'll get used to the Idea.
Hoping for a little boy this time around smile

sammyjayneex Wed 30-Sep-15 11:32:42

Only symptom I'm having at the moment is sore Breast

Ohjellybelly Wed 30-Sep-15 11:43:34

Oooo me too. I'm currently 20 weeks with number 5.
This pregnancy is a bit of an odd one. The last 4 were with my ex husband, this is with my now dp who is a toyboy (big age gap).
We are over the moon with the pregnancy though at the start I found the whole idea very daunting and worried that I was making a huge mistake, both with the baby and an age gap relationship. However, we've had our issues but have talked them all through - we're now excitedly awaiting the arrival.

One of my other children has not taken the pregnancy well though and has distanced herself from me. I am hoping that she comes to terms with things once the baby is here but it's difficult with her dad spewing nothing but negativity into her ear - she's the only one that listens to it. The other 3 cannot wait and are finding the weeks are dragging by.

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