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Showing second time round

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emmac3616 Sun 27-Sep-15 18:48:17

Random question but I'm interested, when did you start to show with second pregnancies? With my first we didn't tell anyone except family until 20wks and got away with it as I only started to show at 19wks. This time round I'm at 12wks and I feel like I'm starting to show already, not a lot, but I'm sure this is way earlier than last time. Is that normal? All thoughts / experiences much appreciated!

BreeVDKamp Sun 27-Sep-15 18:57:18

Yes. I've only been pregnant once myself, but read and heard loads of times that people show a lot earlier with subsequent pregnancies - your muscles are more slack from the first pregnancy second time around.

CarrieLouise25 Sun 27-Sep-15 18:59:15


Totally normal smile

First is around 5 months, second is around 1 month earlier, and each subsequent one, even earlier! I'm on DC3 and I started showing 8 weeks, easily!! There was no hiding this one grin

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sun 27-Sep-15 19:02:49

I'm hardly showing at 21 weeks with pregnancy number 2 but ive put it down to having a long torso as I was very small with DS too.

I have heard that it's totally normal to show quicker with a subsequent pregnancy so you are in good company.

LoadsaBlusher Sun 27-Sep-15 19:15:21

I was still in my normal clothes / uniform after my 20 week scan with both DC.
I don't think I showed any earlier with second pregnancy .
Probably around 23 /24 weeks had a small bump

emmac3616 Sun 27-Sep-15 21:01:27

Thanks all - seems like it varies love loads! X

Sighing Mon 28-Sep-15 04:05:16

I am 18 weeks with third (this far on). I showed sooner with DD2 than either 1 or this.
1&2 didn't show a great deal until 26 ish weeks.
In all honesty I think it was to do with the relative size of "bump" (and my not so small stomach) to boobs. I'd been very ill before DD2, I was smaller in the chest.

docmcstuffins1 Mon 28-Sep-15 06:58:41

I've been showing since 16 weeks and this is my 1st. Definite little bump now but can hide it with certain clothes but not easy!

winchester1 Mon 28-Sep-15 07:04:27

I showed earlier with dc2 but with one I only came put of normal clothes around 8 months and lots of people didn't know until they saw me out with the baby. Dc2 I was out of normal clothes around 7 months but again a lot of people were surprised. Although I think that was more just unexpected because of the close age gap.
I'm very short but a couple of stone overweight so the babies were just hidden well.

waxweasel Mon 28-Sep-15 08:40:03

I'm 12+4 and have a definite bump. I took bump photos every week with DD1 and was comparing them to the size of my bump last week, and at 11 weeks with this pregnancy I am about the same size as at 17-18 weeks in my first pregnancy.

Poppytime Mon 28-Sep-15 08:48:54

Similar to waxweasel here - had a small bump about 16/17 weeks with dc1, about 4-5 weeks earlier with dc2. It has seemed to even out now (39 weeks) and I reckon I'm about the same size, maybe a little bigger (boy this time!)

Hairballs Mon 28-Sep-15 10:30:40

I was offered a seat on the tube at 8 weeks with DC2.

Runningupthathill82 Mon 28-Sep-15 13:37:42

15 weeks ish with DC1, clear bump by 20 weeks.

This time round, I was struggling to do up my skinny jeans from 5weeks. Proper bump at 8 weeks. Hadn't wanted to tell people until 12 week scan, but had no choice as looked 5-6months pg by 10 weeks.

This pregnancy, I did have a completely flat and defined stomach to start with though, which I think makes a difference - and obviously any bump is more noticeable to others when you spend a lot of time in running lycra!

lozengeoflove Mon 28-Sep-15 20:53:25

I'm 11 weeks yet look around 5 months. Body's just remember what a whale I was last time and is racing ahead to get to that stage again.

emmac3616 Mon 28-Sep-15 21:03:33

Thank you guys - this is super helpful! I feel better knowing it totally varies... runningupthathill82 totally agree, the running lycra is a BIG giveaway in my WORK gym!!! Not helped by throwing up with morning sickness in the gym loo either... ;-)

RainwildsGirl Tue 29-Sep-15 19:33:59

was in my normal clothes until 19/20 weeks with DC1.
Second time was about 17 weeks but it was twins and I had HG so had lost a lot of weight, it would have been much earlier if not for the HG
third time I was looking 6 months gone by 10 weeks hmm grin

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