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39+3 and feeling VERY low... DP and I on brink of split...

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gillybeandramaqueen Sun 27-Sep-15 16:06:08

Am about to go into labour at any moment as baby is very big, 97th centile and 9lbs already...

DP and I with 2yo DS have not been gettinf on after very stressful year. We have been on the brink of splitting past few weeks with labour on it's way. He is good in the house and with our 2yo but there is zero affection and support to me personally and I am really upset.

Anyway... I have always been aware that he looks at porn on his mobile phone and it doesn't bother me greatly usually BUT having discovered that he has been looking daily for the past week when things have been seriously bad between us, on the brink of a split and I am about to go into labour any minute ...I am extremely upset today and can't stop crying. As it stands I don't even know if I want him at the labour... my mum will be there so I will have someone there for me... but even less do I want him there now... seeing me at my worst and most fragile and vulnerable... he has seen me like that before when I had our first son... but things were good then so it was different. I just feel so angry that he has no heart or investment into making me feel better about our relationship and impending labour that I'm very anxious about with even a cuddle... but he can invest energy into looking at and let's face it probably wanking to porn. It's because I'm not even getting anything from him... I wouldn't mind and would totally understand him looking at porn right now as there's no sex.... if I was at least getting some affection and support from HIM.

Am I overreacting / being unreasonable???

mummyneedinganswers Sun 27-Sep-15 17:44:40

I really feel for you. I have no advice for you but I do know that when it's been a few weeks since me and dp had sex he turns into a demon with frustration although he wouldn't ease his own so he tends to become very cold towards me with his frustration and j always know it's because of lack of sex as I can tell by the mods change. I tend to find in my situation the sex fixes it but I'm only 31 weeks and not finding it as hard yet.

I would although not find it acceptable for him to be making you feel like that though you are his partner and vulnerable right now and he needs to support you. You are bringing Bother baby into the world and deserve respect and some love and compassion. I really hope you do what is best for you. And please don't let him dampen you birth by him being an ass

Good luck x

mummyneedinganswers Sun 27-Sep-15 17:45:49


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