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Gettin real tired of your shit now, cold...

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CoffeeAndOranges Sat 26-Sep-15 15:26:53

Excuse the rant, am just feeling rather fed up.

Haven't been able to consistently breathe through my nose since last Monday, have had cotton wool in my head and generally been feeling lousy. Where does all that snot cone from?!

Added to that, my 32-week pregnant belly just feeling like it's going to explode any minute it feels so big, and spd that feels like I have a dagger permanently lodge in my crotch just at the top of my right leg. I can't sleep properly cos I can't get comfy or breathe.

Going to try and get myself together and go out for a friend's birthday meal out (mercifully it's an early one), but I just feel so tired it's like I've been hit by a steamroller.

Being melodramatic I know but am ruddy fed up of this and am despairing at the thought of being pregnant for another 8 weeks or so (seriously, I will be HUGE!) and then when I finally do have the baby I still won't get enough sleep. But I suppose at least I will have my broken withered husk of a body back.

Please tell me things can improve over the next 8 weeks (even if you are lying).


BeeMyBaby Sat 26-Sep-15 15:38:51

I completely get you on the cold front, today is day 14 of my blocked nose cold and it is only just starting to clear up - it turned out I had a UTI so I'm thinking perhaps general infection/illness was making the cold last a lot longer than normal (its usually never more than four days) but have antibiotics so hopefully it will kick start my immune system again, but perhaps my cold would have improved on its own today anyway (ha!).

However as you are 8 weeks ahead of me, think, it could be worse - you could still have 16 weeks to go... and although you will have broken sleep once your baby arrives, its at least likely to be much more comfortable smile

CoffeeAndOranges Sat 26-Sep-15 15:43:40

16 weeks shock that would take me to 48 weeks pg, please no shockshock

14 days of snot, sounds awful flowers I had a uti that turned into a kidney infection last year, was not pleasant. Hope the antibiotics shift it. I am trying to keep hydrated as my wee looks worrying dark a lit of the time but it's not cloudy & doesn't sting, so think I just need to drink gallons. This morning it was the colour of maple syrup.. Tmi sorrygrin

BeeMyBaby Sat 26-Sep-15 17:55:37

I didn't have any symptoms apart from feeling perhaps more irritable and not being able to shift my cold, and now that you mention it, dark wee (I thought I was just dehydrated).

Are you measuring correctly for your weeks? Just saying because a colleague of mine measured four weeks too big, plus went overdue by two weeks so was the size of someone who could have been 46 weeks pregnant (not so far off the 48 weeks you mentioned)!

CoffeeAndOranges Sat 26-Sep-15 21:20:51

I think I'm measuring more or less ok, maybe a cm over but nothing too drastic. I was at the midwife on Monday just as I was starting this wretched cold, so presumably she would gave picked up something in my wee.

I do feel a bit better than I did earlier, probably cos i got myself together and went out for dinner. Will probably feel crap again tomorrow!!

Will keep drinking lots of water though!!

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