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12 weeks bleeding

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zannyminxoxox Thu 24-Sep-15 12:26:09

Im 12 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had a slight bleed was only there when I wiped. It stopped a couple of hours later. Today I am really crampy. Im so worried I have tried to contact my midwife but no luck. I have a scan next week and think they will just tell me to rest up until then anyway, unless it gets worse. This is my third pregnancy my first I had a bleed and ended in a missed miscarriage. My other 2 pregnancys were fine had no bleeds and 2 healthy babies. Has anyone had this before Im so scared it's a missed miscarriage again. I don't suppose anyone has had any good outcomes just grasping on hope as think I have lost the baby anyway sad

Junosmum Thu 24-Sep-15 12:38:45

Some times people bleed in pregnancy and everything is fine. Have you had your scan yet? If you can't get hold of your midwife try googling the number for the hospital your attached to - ask them to put you through the midwife team, even if it isn't the right team, they'll advise you, tell you who to call or invite you in. Mine did on Friday when I couldn't get to my notes for the midwifes number. Try not to panic but do get it checked out.

cloudjumper Thu 24-Sep-15 12:52:41

I spotted and bled for between seeks 6-10 during my current pregnancy, with lots of cramping, and everything was fine (currently 26 weeks). But I totally understand that you are worrying - I've had 4 miscarriages where the exact same thing had happened, and I was very anxious about it happening.
The good thing is that it was only very little and for a very short time, most likely this was 'old' blood. Cramping is a very common symptom in pregnancy. Keep an eye on it (like you wouldn't!) and maybe ring your midwife if it happens again, or if the bleeding gets stronger. Chances are that everything will be fine, but of course you are worried xx

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