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UptownFunk00 Wed 23-Sep-15 18:24:22

I had SPD with my first pregnancy but fairly late on so I got on with it as best as I could. Now in my second pregnancy it's been here for a week or two now. I'm just about to turn 20 weeks. I was wondering what the best support belt for SPD was as I'm going to buy one whilst I can still walk.

ALR123 Wed 23-Sep-15 20:36:20

Hiya, I'm suffering with Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction which I have been told is very similar but affects the back of the pelvis rather than the front. Everyone that's had spd has recommended the Serola belt to me. It's about £35. I would go to your docs and ask for an urgent physio referral, I did and I have my first appointment on Friday. Apparently they can give you some exercises to help you through the rest of pregnancy and beyond (and some get given the Serola belt for free wohoo). Good luck, it sucks. I'm 24 weeks with my first baby and have been signed off work for 3 weeks and am on crutches. I don't know how you're coping if you already have a little one! X

CarrotVan Thu 24-Sep-15 12:14:48

You really should get a belt recommended by a physio and properly fitted. You might have to have an assessment, buy a belt and go back to be fitted. Your midwife might be able to refer you or in some areas you can self refer to Women's Health physio if you're pregnant

Check out The Pelvic Partnership online for lots of advice

JaniceJoplin Thu 24-Sep-15 12:24:25

I had SPD with my 2nd pregnancy from 24 weeks and suffered very badly. I couldn't walk or push a buggy more than 50m, sleeping was sore, in the end I couldn't even lie down. I saw the NHS and had a belt, but nothing worked. Constant pain for weeks on end.

This time around, I had SPD pains from 12 weeks and was starting to limp. I went straight to a osteopath and had 4 sessions. She examined me and said my right hip was lower than my left and that was what was causing the problems. After the first session I felt an immediate difference and after 4 sessions I am completely back to normal albeit only 21 weeks. No pain, no limp, nothing.

It is worth looking online at resources for SPD. Some people believe that it is caused by a misalignment of the hips or a previous injury that just gets exacerbated by the pregnancy hormones and it is that that needs treatment.

I am gobsmacked at how well the osteopathic treatment has worked for me.

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