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Shall I quit work?

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Jasmine12 Wed 23-Sep-15 12:41:21

Dear all,


DS was born at 33 weeks (7yrs ago). My waters broke - cause unknown. Cervical incompetence suspected. Though everything was ok, DH and I were very worried and the trauma put us off having more kids - until now. I am now preg -19 weeks. Ive decided to stop working at 31 weeks this time - just to take it easy and put my feet up.
Since Im "high risk", they are monitoring me closely. Im being scanned every 2 weeks to check my cervix. At 14 weeks the cervix was 4cm long and closed. At 17 weeks it was 3cm! The sonographer said it could be because they are not able to accurately measure the internal reference point - booked me in for another scan a week later. 18 weeks scan - cervix is still 3cm. Its still good, shut and no funneling or anything. But I am very worried about the shortening.


I work full time - I travel to my client's office 3 days a week. Commute is a bit stressful. I walk 10-12 mins to drop off DS at the childminder, 10 min bus to the station, then 40 min on a train, Cross the over bridge (stairs), 2 mins on the tube, 2 flights of stairs up at the station and then 10 min walk to the office. All this with my laptop backpack. Repeat this journey while going back home (pick up DS on the way).

I am worried if my commute is too much for the shortening cervix. (I posted a thread here around the time and recieved some reassurance). I spoke to my midwife and also a friend (Antenatal consultant) - both said its not a concern at this stage, but if it goes below 2.5, it will be a concern. I didnt recieve firm answers on what causes/ contributes to shortening (whether my commute is too much). They just said, continue working, if it goes below 2.5, we'll advice you then. I spent a lot of time on google and found that being on modified bed rest helped in a lot of cases (atleast helped stop shortening).

Also, DH and I dont have family nearby, I drop off DS at the childminder everymorning and pick him up too (DH works long hours, so he cannot do pick up and drops). If my cervix shortens further, and I am put on bed rest (or still worse in hospital), we are going to struggle a lot.

Should I quit my job now and put myself on modified bedrest? I need to give 1 month notice anyway. So it will be end of october by the time I finish. Its a matter of 6 weeks from then until 15 dec (my initial plan for quitting).

Luckily, DH makes enough for us to manage comfortably with his salary. . BUT 6 weeks pay means appx �4500 after taxes. Thats a lot of money. I could put that away for kids education later on!

I am struggling to decide. On one side, I want to do EVERYTHING it takes to bake my bean full term. On the other hand, I am wondering if I will be unnecessarily sitting at home, when medically everything is fine.

What would you do if you were in my place?

MummyBex1985 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:02:46

Honestly? I wouldn't quit. I'd be getting signed off sick and receiving some pay until mat leave starts!

JMO though. But you certainly can't carry on like that so I don't blame you for wanting to go.

Newlywed123 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:29:04

I personally wouldn't. I lost my first born at 23 week due to Cervical weakness. With my 2nd my cervix was 2.4cm at 16 weeks and dripped to 1.2cm by 17 weeks. I had an emergency stitch and baby stayed put until 37 weeks!

Anything above 2.5cm is no concern, your cervix can also grow during pregnancy. I've just had a 20 week scan with my third to find my cervix has grown from 2.4 to 2.8 smile

If you're concerned maybe go on maternity earlier?

Skiptonlass Wed 23-Sep-15 13:50:09

Can you work from home at all?

Jasmine12 Wed 23-Sep-15 13:59:19

thanks for your inputs. A few things to clarify here:

1. I work from home 2 days a week. This long/stressful commute is on Tue, Wed, Thurs

2. I am a freelancer (my own limited company) - so being signed off sick doesnt matter. I dont get paid if I dont work.

With my schedule on those 3 days, does it look like I am taking on too much? Is it likely to make my cervix thing worse?

Pootles2010 Wed 23-Sep-15 14:04:37

So for your commute, would it be possible to get taxi from the train station - cutting out the tube/walking bit? I know its expensive, but cheaper than forfeiting your 6 weeks pay? And I'm not an expert but can you claim things like that as business expense?

Jasmine12 Wed 23-Sep-15 14:24:09

@Pootles2010 - Yes, Its about 15 mins walk from the train station. Or 10 mins walk after 2 stops on the tube. Getting a taxi will be difficult and it might take longer due to diversions/1 ways etc (central london)

BadgerFace Wed 23-Sep-15 17:00:26

Can you increase the days you work from home? I don't know if the commute affects your cervix but lessening your commute if your client will let you can only be a good thing.

If your midwife and expert friend are not worried then I am sure you are fine to continue. Monitoring to check you stay at 2.5cm or longer is probably the most important thing. Are you being measured frequently?

Dixiechick17 Wed 23-Sep-15 22:59:53

Mine shortened to 2.1 at 24 weeks. The consultant told me to carry on as normal and ensure that when home from work I rested with my feet up. So I carried on as normal and rested in the evenings. No improvement at 25 weeks, so was then signed off for two weeks rest, this really helped me and was stable using progesterone pessaries until I was then signed off at 32 weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy as the baby was engaged. So I was on rest until 36 weeks. Waters broke at 40+5, just sharing this to show the benefit that rest had with me alongside the progesterone pessaries.

WalfordEast Wed 23-Sep-15 23:05:31

I dont know how freelancing works so just ignore my insolence if necessary.

Your fine for money at the moment.

Id say get signed off sick. That way, if anything changes in the next year or so, you still have a job to go back to.

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