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Long term hospital stay for placenta issues.

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thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 06:56:32

I posted a couple of weeks ago after a big bleed landed me in hospital for five days. Further scans have shown full placenta previa and vasa previa. The latter can be very dangerous to the baby and it's important I don't go into labour. I live about 40 minutes from the hospital, this is my first baby after 5 years of trying and ivf. I'm 28 weeks and have been admitted as when all weighed up, if I had another big bleed or my waters went I could lose the baby before I got to hospital. Bloody terrifying and also hard to get my head around. I've been in for a week now in suspended fear, though I know they can act super fast. Potentially trying to get me to 37 weeks and nine more weeks here feels very long indeed. Anyone else admitted and killing time? Or done such a long stint? Or fancy just saying hello?!

SummerSazz Wed 23-Sep-15 07:07:55

Not such a long stint, no I'm afraid. I was hospitalised at 31 weeks with grade 4 PP and told I was likely to have to stay in. Luckily it all stopped and hospital 20 mins away so after 5 days they let me go him on the proviso I always had someone with me. On day 2 they gave me a private room which was nice for sleep but actually I missed the coming and going's of the antenatal ward. There was a little kitchen so i could make my own tea and toast and they told me to bring in my own pillows and duvet I I wanted to feel more homely. Dh brought in food a couple of times. This was pre extensive WiFi so I had to cope without MN grin

Good luck and I hope all goes ok. The bleeds were scary (I had another at 36 weeks when dd was born) but the hospital staff were all fantastic and I had a lovely CS experience despite the seriousness of the medical condition they were dealing with.

I'll try to pop by and say hi again smile

Skiptonlass Wed 23-Sep-15 07:11:42

Oh poor you! I've got a too low placenta and vessels in the wrong place too (I remember your previous thread) you are definitely in the right place though.

I'm killing time at home, nervously checking the loo roll every time I pee. It is very frightening isn't it? C section in two weeks...fingers crossed.

How are you passing the time? You must be bored rigid! I hope you've got a tablet or a kindle or something. I'm banned from doing anything other than lounging, which ironically is uncomfortable because I have spd. I'm doing a lot of knitting....

poocatcherchampion Wed 23-Sep-15 07:14:48

Oh poor you - what are you doing with yourself? I'm at home but unwell and am struggling to pass the time as I am normally quite non stop. I've decided in the night I might start reading Jilly cooper novels - nothing to high brow can hold my attention so maybe these can.

Try to not be afraid - you are in the best place

thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 07:15:13

Thank you summer! I'm in my own room for a bit for sleep. Lovely to have some privacy and a bathroom but yes, strangely solitary confinement too. I have chatted with people in the day room but usually they quickly move on to postnatal! Another issue was I just didn't have someone who could be with me, though the timing getting in was more problematic. At least here, everyone has my notes all ready and I'm good to go. I'm not bleeding at all now and feel very well! So strange to be here. Yes the bleed was scary, I thought I'd lost the baby and fleetingly thought I might not be ok. Dreading any more and the cons seem so certain that I will. It's like I'm tightrope walking. The fear of it happening also is restricting me from doing much though I am wandering the hospital which is massive. Not my third trimester plan. I've bought nothing for the baby at all.

thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 07:22:09

Yay company! Hi Skipton, are you almost at the end? There is no wifi here but do sorting a dongle out. I have books, sewing, doodle stuff and getting do to add films to my currently no use ipad. The morning is fairly restrictive as I'm hanging around for monitoring etc. Food is so very bad but managing between dh and parents to have stuff shipped in. We had a pizza party in my room last night. I say party in the very loosest of terms! Yes yes to accelerated heartbeat every time I wipe. The cons explanation that it could be fearless blood and I need to act very fast to alert help is just horrible. But I have to remember it was my blood last time. Having really thought he was coming at 25 weeks, every day feels hugely significant. He weighs three pounds now. Going to 37 weeks feels very long but I think my ideas on what is a good delivery time are now skewed. Is 36 that more dodgy? No scan now til 7th October. I have no external window so that is also odd. Champion, sorry to hear you're unwell. Maybe blockbuster trashy books are the way to go.

thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 07:22:56

*fetal blood

standclear Wed 23-Sep-15 07:32:02

Poor you. thanks The day seems incredibly long when you are in hospital (esp with no windows). And the constant stress makes it seem even longer.

It was 12 yrs ago now when I had major bleed at 10 wks, then diagnosed with 'incompetent cervix' and had to spend most of latter part of pregnancy lying down (some of it in hospital). I still remember the constant stress and worry so really feel for you!

As others have said, it's good that you are in the right place!

Also, I remember my gynae congratulating me on getting to 28 wks and saying that the baby had reached a significant milestone at that age and you just have to keep ticking along from there on in.

The cause of all that past stress is now enjoying her first few weeks at secondary school smile!!

Have you anything there to distract you: Kindle, Ipod, manicure set, drawing pad and pencils?

Good luck with it all! And good luck on the 7th! thanks thanks

Hope you feel better soon too poocatcher!!

lougle Wed 23-Sep-15 07:53:05

That's very scary for you. Do be reassured that a category 1 Section requires delivery of the baby within 15 minutes of the decision that it is needed. That's 15 minutes for the baby to be out, not 15 minutes to get you to theatre.

At my hospital, in a potentially catastrophic situation, they would also do, I guess, a 'category 0', where they would get the baby out much faster than 15 minutes. They would just anesthetise the woman and and deliver the baby very, very quickly.

You're in the best place for you both.

Skiptonlass Wed 23-Sep-15 09:59:06

Almost there, yes - just under two weeks to go. smile trying not to get worried st all the (perfectly normal) little aches and pains and just enjoy these last quiet days!

Definitely get a dongle! Having internet access will be great. Check as well if there's an Ethernet port in the room despite the lack of wifi - if there is you could plug in by cable ;)

fredandme123 Wed 23-Sep-15 10:07:59

If you haven't bought anything yet then I would say you could make a really comprehensive list of what you do want so that if you had the baby before you get out then your HBand can order it all online /do the shop. I made one at about 30 weeks as had BP issues and was scared I'd have to stay in hospital and not be able to get it myself in weeks leading up to the birth. Would they let you go and see the ladies in the postnatal ward? There may be some there who are on longer stays for premie babies who might chat to you about their experiences. Also if you keen on BF then see if you can get one of the BF councellers to chat to you about feeding a premie baby so you know what to expect incase you don't make it to 37 wks. Basically use the time to prepare the best you can. Hope your ok x

Mrsjayy Wed 23-Sep-15 10:13:10

I was in from 25/6 weeks with both mine for a different thing you get used to it sort of but you start dreaming up ways of breaking out grin and food you crave stuff and its frustrating not being able to go to the shop. Seriously you are in the best place flowers

thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 15:09:12

So lovely to see messages on here and hear from people who've done similar stints of time. My mum has been here today, we went to the downstairs Costa, woo! I find it worst when people have just left. I have lots of bits to do but feel kind of super lonely just in that bit when they've gone. Lougel thanks for the caegtories. One midwife said I could be out and in theatre in 4 mins, baby out in 8. Shudder at the thought. Standclear, it does feel as if I've crossed a milestone today and then at other times I've thought god that is still so very little. My one cons (I have two) seems quite unphased by 28 weeks as the neonatal unit here is so equipped for tiny babies. Other cons much more wary and has 37 weeks and no less as where she wants me to get. Might have to do some asking on here about the difference between 36-37 but I guess it really is dependent on your baby and circumstance. Fred, I have been offered a tour of the neonatal unit when I feel ready, not sure when I should do that. They've also signed me up for various classes they run on site to keep me 'busy' and also in my ivf nervous state I have done no reading, classes or anything at all, was saving it all for the third trimester. My mum has been quite kindly firm today about me getting a list in place and we have been looking at things (on my phone!).

Worst of all is my constant 'am I bleeding' state of mind. When I had the big bleed it was patently obvious as it just poured out but now I think every slight wet sensation is potentially blood to the point I'm imagining even the wet feelings if that makes sense. I sat in Costa today thinking it could be happening, so horrible. Such a surreal situation. I will forget about this won't I?!!

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 23-Sep-15 15:23:55

Hello, I remember your other thread

I had PP last pregnancy and did a few days of bed rest but not long at all. I was in at 35 weeks and delivered by category 1 CS at 36+1.

Glad you've got a side room. I'd say try and count down to the next milestone e.g. getting into October, getting to 32 weeks etc. Also you could ask if there's any other bed rest patients in? They'll probably be bored too and happy of company.

I wouldn't worry too much about knicker checking (although I know that's hard), praevia bleeds become massive the further on you get and without wanting to scare they aren't the sort that require knicker checking, you'd know instantly.

Hoping you get as far on as possible and it's not too dull.

thegoldenlemon Wed 23-Sep-15 15:34:28

Hi Abby, nice to see you again. I know it's silly, there was no mistaking the bleed last time, it felt like I'd wet myself. I think I'm just thinking that any sign of blood might warn me it was coming but I rationally know that isn't now it happens. It would be so good to know when they were coming or if they were going to come. Wonder if there are any other previa folk out there. I wave hello to you.

Mrsjayy Wed 23-Sep-15 15:45:08

I had kidney problems that caused infection that started contractions early on It really was aday to day thing really frightening talk to the midwives i found the night nurses were better to talk to not that they day nurses were not but it wasnt as busy at night.

JellyBabiesSaveLives Wed 23-Sep-15 16:25:35

I did a ten-week stint, from 23-33 weeks, with previa and percreta (placenta grown through womb and attached to other organs). I started bleeding at 33 weeks so they did a crash cs - had me in theatre in a couple of minutes. It was worth being stuck in hospital!

I was lucky/unlucky in that it was my 3rd child. Unlucky because not being at home for the older two for ten weeks was awful. Lucky because I really really appreciated 10 weeks of no housework, no demands, enough sleep!

I do remember the fear-when-you-wipe thing, and having to force myself not to keep going to check. In the end I didn't bleed at all, until the night I woke up with a wet bed.

tattyteddy Wed 23-Sep-15 18:56:11

Hi OP, I'm being admitted at 37 weeks, 5th oct, until elcs which is booked for 39 weeks. I think two weeks will make me bored, never mind the length of time you're staying. X

SummerSazz Wed 23-Sep-15 21:43:30

Well done Lemon for ticking off another day and getting WiFi sorted smile
I think you will naturally worry about another bleed but once you have had a few days clear I think it will lessen. After 5 days of no bleeds I was allowed home so I think they take it as a good sign. My second bleed was as dramatic as the first I'm afraid and with no warning so you will likely know rather than needing to check. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing mind you!
Re 36 / 37 weeks, dd was exactly 36 and was 5.7 1/2 when born. Because I'd had steroids from 31 weeks she needed no special care and was able to breastfeed after some bloodyminded perseverance on my part grin

poocatcherchampion Thu 24-Sep-15 06:26:24

Morning lemon! What have you got planned for today?

goodenoughmum88 Thu 24-Sep-15 08:15:20

Am 33+2 and been in since sunday after 2 bleeds. Got my hopes up yeaterday as they said I may be allowed home on Friday (tomorrow) if all settles but had another bleed last night and taken back to delivery suite. My placenta's low and only partially covering/touching internal os but ever since little one put their head down I just keep bleeding! We've had steroids and magnesium and am hoping things will calm down. What's killing me is my DS is 2 and a half and has had croup this week and I'm not there for him. My mum's looking after him and husband is being fab, just feel so guilty for being stuck here.
Defo no more kids for me after this, pregnancy sucks and when you've got to think of the ones at home it's even worse!

thegoldenlemon Thu 24-Sep-15 08:33:51

Morning! And waves to those in the in patient gang. Goodenough that sounds super stressful and it must be so hard having to be away from your DS. This one has his head bouncing up and down on the previa part of the placenta like a trampoline. I wish he'd play more safely!

Summer thanks for sharing your 36 week story and glad to hear all was fine. How long did you stay in after that? I hope we get to that point and if so, I'd rather not push to 37 and end up with a crash section. I guess it's going to be an unfolding story rather than having a plan. Will be asking when I'd have steroids next time I see cons.

Teddy I will be able to keep you company when you're in! Come back and visit. I can advise on things I've found useful to have in with me too. Extra home pillows a must.

Jelly you have reassured that this is the best place to be even though with every bleed free day it feels like a more surreal experience.

Poo, my dh bought my wifi thingy in today so that was exciting. He's gone now and will be back at 5 so what to do. I think they are arranging me to go down to the clinic to have my whooping cough jab but not sure that counts as an activity! I think I'm going to break the day into bits, shower, little walk, read, TV prog, sew. Maybe a phone call or two. I might even make myself a timetable! Had a mind warp moment yesterday thinking I potentially have 59 plus days left in here. Wow.

goodenoughmum88 Thu 24-Sep-15 14:03:30

Lemon I think that's pretty much what mine's doing! Really active, nuzzles into my pelvis ( and wiggles bum) and then I bleed. Argh!
Nearly finished my book, if I don't get something else soon I'll be forced to watch daytime tv and then I'm really screwed.
At least everything's settled now and I can eat, flipping starving! X

tattyteddy Thu 24-Sep-15 20:26:39

Ah lemon, that would be great if you could give some tips. I'll pack my pillow x

Turquoisetamborine Thu 24-Sep-15 20:48:00

I had five admissions for unexplained bleeding in my last pregnancy. They ranged from one night to five. Then I was admitted twice again once he was born for various issues. It was actually worse being readmitted afterwards as I'd promised myself I'd never have to go back again.
He's five months now and I can't bear the thought of even visiting the maternity ward.
I have an older son who is seven and I missed him and my husband so much it's ridiculous.

I think I would have coped better in a private room though so you are lucky to have one. I used to get sad when other people's family visited them. Mine visited a lot but my mother had a near fatal brain aneurysm near the end of my pregnancy so all focus was rightly on her.

Keep yourself as busy as possible. Ask everyone to bring you food in as it's generally awful in hospital. The girl next to me on a couple of my stays had been in eight weeks and was going to be allowed out to get a takeaway pizza in the car. She had a massive bleed a couple of hours before so it confirmed she was in the right place.
I'm going to keep on checking up on you as I know how awful it is to be in hospital. It won't be long until you are at home, safe with a beautiful newborn.

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