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appointment can I get an early scan?

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MG35 Sun 20-Sep-15 00:07:17

I will be 5+2 on Monday when I have an appointment with the nurse to have PG test as I had a MC earlier in the year and was told that you cannot have investigations until after 3 consecutive MC's!!! So I'm not taking any chances and want pregnancy 2 logged in my records.

Should I request an early scan or would it be better to wait and hope for the best a bit further down the line? Not sure what point they can detect a more viable pregnancy.

I am driving myself mad though "checking'' every time I go to the loo thinking could I be MC as my previous MC was at 5+4.

And finally anyone know what happens at your first medical appointment at your GP surgery?

Pandora978 Sun 20-Sep-15 01:45:57

It may be different at other hospitals, but at my local one they don't offer reassurance scans. You can only have a scan if you actually have miscarriage or ectopic symptoms, so bleeding, pain etc. Also, I do think it would be better to wait a bit longer as they can't see much at 5 weeks anyway so you may just end up even more worried. I think you're unlikely to get one on the NHS so if you really want one then I'd be looking into hospitals that offer it privately.

At the first appointment it will be going through your medical history, taking blood tests (although they might do it at the hospital, depends on what your trust does), asking about previous pregnancies/births, explaining about the different screening such as for Down's Syndrome and Sickle Cell Disease. It's all admin and paperwork really, they won't feel your tummy or listen to the heartbeat unless you're over 12 weeks as it's too early. They'll book you under midwife or consultant care depending on how high risk your pregnancy is and get your 12 week scan sorted. It's also a chance for you to ask questions or discuss any worries you have. Oh and they'll do your blood pressure and test your wee so try and remember to take a wee sample with you if you can. It normally takes about an hour.

Bells2307 Sun 20-Sep-15 06:34:03

Hi, it really depends on your hospital and area I'm afraid. I had a mmc, baby died at 8.4 not discovered until 12wks. This time they scanned me at 5wks due to cramping, 7wks which they offered me at my first midwife appointment due to mmc, and now they are scanning me at 9wks too as I've had a little bleeding. My hospital told me after the mmc that I could have an early scan the next time I was pregnant and to just see the midwife. I think you need to ask to see what they do in your hospital, hopefully yours will be as helpful as mine. I've found the extra scans very reassuring btw, good luck x

CarShare Sun 20-Sep-15 07:11:29

I think unless your first appointment is with the midwife, the apt to confirm the pregnancy will be just that (plus advice about folic acid, alcohol/smoking, foods to avoid) and you'll be referred to the midwife for the hour long booking apt where they do BP, urine checks and blood tests, plus loads of form filling. This apt takes about an hour.
No harm requesting an early scan or self referring to your nearest early preg unit (wait until you're at least six weeks plus to see anything on scan). They may well offer a reassurance scan- depends on area. Both my sister and I were given early scans (different areas of London and for different reasons but basically reassurance). Very best of luck!

ChesterCake Sun 20-Sep-15 07:31:35

It's the same at our hospital, they only want to know if you've had at least 3 consecutive miscarriages. I had early scans at 6 and 8 weeks with this pregnancy and that was only because I concieved immediately after miscarriage 3 with no break so they wanted to check dates etc. I don't think 'the fear' ever goes, I'm 32 weeks now and still check for blood every time I go for a wee! smile

MG35 Sun 20-Sep-15 07:38:47

Thank you for taking the time to update me your messages have been really helpful smile good luck with your pregnancy journeys xx

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