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28 weeks and having problems

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fawkes182 Sat 19-Sep-15 16:09:23

Hi before I start this may be a bit too much info for some ppl but im a bit worried and thought I'd ask on here so here goes..

I'm 28 weeks with my second child, my first child is 9 and I was in an abusive relationship with the child's father so quite depressed and tbh I don't remember much of anything from that pregnancy apart from travel sickness and my mum being my rock. Anyway child number 2 in non abusive relationship seems to have effected my body much more.
I recently noticed he had moved and seems to be now very low and making me wee alot! This has been like this for just over a week, I've noticed some days I'm sore from wiping. I have back problems and since ehe has moved he has caused them to get worse, nothing major I can still move etc just something I noticed. When I get up n move it's like I have a bowling ball in between my legs and walking can be hard some days.. sometimes it's like my gut has a magnet and it's trying to get to the ground.. wierd painful pulling. On Thursday I was rather constapated and was on the loo for a long time, I was pushing alot and I felt something odd in my crotch so put my hand down and felt like something was coming out.. not baby of course the feeling was like the walls. Ever since then I feel like theres something in my vagina I wanna say head but I know it can't be.. kinda when you use a tampon you can feel it up there it feels like that. What the hell is going on!?!?! X

DriverSurpriseMe Sat 19-Sep-15 16:12:29

Worst case scenario: a prolapse?

Either way, you need to see your midwife or GP so they can take a look.

fawkes182 Sat 19-Sep-15 16:31:48

Eeep I was hoping not lol I don't like docs much.. sounds silly I know. I have an appointment Monday with the midwife so I will mention it then. I'm not in agony or anything... just uncomfortable?? Sometimes it hurts to walk but depends how he's sitting I think. I read on Google it could be swelling due to increased blood or something vains? Again due to blood.. problem is I can't really see down there so I could have touched anything lolol! Might have to get other half to take a look xxx p.s is a prolapse bad?

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