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whooping cough vaccine - how late in pregnancy?

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pickledgirkin Mon 14-Sep-15 19:26:39

Hi all, I am 34 weeks tomorrow, just moved house and had booking meeting with new midwife today. She told me I had to have my whooping cough vaccine with GP in the next few days or there is no point in doing it. This had not been made clear to me before today. I am in a bit of a pickle as it is hard for me to get to my old GP and it will take a while for me to register with a local one. I have read and been told different things about how late you can have this vaccine... any thoughts? Many thanks.

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Mon 14-Sep-15 19:29:09

I may be wrong but I thought it was 28-37 weeks. I'll have a google hang on.

poocatcherchampion Mon 14-Sep-15 19:31:02

That's what my letter said ^^

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Mon 14-Sep-15 19:31:11

Here you go. Ideally 28-32 but can have it any time up to 38.

Mummybear8 Mon 14-Sep-15 19:45:08

Had mine at 37+ weeks, the nurse never mentioned anything about it not being as effective if I didn't have it before a certain time. I think you'll be fine smile

Sidge Mon 14-Sep-15 19:49:32

Your midwife is wrong.

It can technically be given up to delivery (and beyond!) but is most effective between 28 and 32 weeks. However if you are beyond that you can still have it, but you need to be aware that it can take 2-3 weeks to achieve peak immune levels and so for baby to benefit you ideally need to stay pregnant for at least a few weeks after having it!

I'd try and visit your new GP ASAP - you can just walk in and as long as you have ID and proof of address you can register there and then. You need to make registering with a new GP a priority really.

RockerMummy184 Mon 14-Sep-15 19:53:24

I had mine at 38 weeks first time round because it was really new and MW forgot to tell me about it!
Apparently it takes 2 weeks for the whole benefit of the vaccine to have crossed the placenta which is why they suggest doing it earlier rather than later, so unless you go into early labour that shouldn't be a problem.

spandau1980 Mon 14-Sep-15 20:08:00

I didn't have it .. no one could answer my q on it and my dd is fine x

pickledgirkin Mon 14-Sep-15 20:11:57

thank you all! You have put my mind at rest a little! I will make the trip back to my old GP tomorrow for the jab and register with a new one in my new area this week in case anything else comes up. Hopefully I have another two weeks before this little thing pops out! This is my first post on Mumsnet and I really appreciate the speedy responses - it is very reassuring in a time of worry! Thank you all! Have a lovely evening. xxx

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