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Interviewing while pregnant

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HJBeans Fri 11-Sep-15 14:54:27

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and hope to interview for a job I'm hugely keen on in two weeks time. I'm showing a bit now. I'm wondering whether it's best to address the pregnancy in the 'any questions' part at the end to be upfront about it and state my intention to work up to due date and take only a few months mat leave, or to keep silent unless they make me an offer?

MummyBex1985 Fri 11-Sep-15 15:04:10

Personally I'd keep quiet. They're going to know you'll only be there for four months before disappearing otherwise and you don't want to give them an excuse not to hire you!

If they then withdraw the job offer after you tell them then you'd have clearer grounds for discrimination.

It's a personal decision but that's what I'd do...

CityDweller Fri 11-Sep-15 15:11:05

Keep silent until they make an offer.

HJBeans Fri 11-Sep-15 15:34:09

Thanks for the replies.

That's how I've been playing it in interviews up to this point, but am reconsidering because a) I know them quite well so it seems like it could sour my relationship with them if I'm less than honest and b) if I'm showing and they know without my saying they've then got all the doubts about hiring a pregnant person without the info that I actually want to take very little time off. Would you go as far as camouflage dressing, or just not say anything?

MummyBex1985 Fri 11-Sep-15 15:40:28

I'd probably be camouflaging too! But I'm a huge cynic smile

BexusSugarush Fri 11-Sep-15 17:40:08

If you can handle them possibly thinking badly of you for playing coy, I'd keep quiet and see if they offer it to you, then make a decision. You are under no obligation to tell them at this point, and at least if they offer it to you but refuse when they find out you're pregnant, you'll have the boost of knowing you were good enough for the job. Plus, as has been said, that would be discrimination. It really depends on how much you want the job..

Best of luck either way smile

CityDweller Fri 11-Sep-15 21:32:36

I would camouflage because I'd want them to offer/not offer me the job based purely on my skills/ ability/ etc rather than anything else. If they offer it to you then you can have an upfront and honest conversation about your pregnancy.

MrsPCR Fri 11-Sep-15 22:13:25

I'd hide it and try and pass for a bit fat. You might not look as pregnant as you think and to most people they probably think you've just put on weight.

Although I'm only 12 weeks, I have a definite little bump starting and some fat having previously been tall and slim. Two colleagues know and they reassured me few will have noticed yet and those that have will just assume I've put on weight. And they see me everyday. I doubt a stranger/someone who didn't see me often wouldn't have any suspicions at all.

I know you're a bit further along though so might need to put a bit more effort into hiding it.

Good luck with the interview!

HJBeans Sat 12-Sep-15 17:29:36

Thanks, all. Think I'll follow your unanimous advice.

poocatcherchampion Sat 12-Sep-15 22:00:32

I'm hoping for an interview in the next fortnight. I'm 31 weeks pregnant currently. It will be obvious if I get one smile

I'm not really planning on discussing it, and I hope to start the role on my return from mat leave. So I would discuss it in terms of starting date.

It is easier for me as it is less of a decision. In your case I would say post interview when you are negotiating the job.

HJBeans Tue 15-Sep-15 20:28:39

Good luck landing your interview, poo, and then for a brilliant time of it on the day. Still not heard if I've got mine, but plan not to discuss pregnancy if it does come through.

poocatcherchampion Tue 15-Sep-15 21:39:54

Didn't get an interview. sad
Some of the panel know I'm pregnant. Dh is angry and reckons that's why I didn't get it. I did meet the essential criteria and I could easily do the job.

I am annoyed tbh.

poocatcherchampion Tue 15-Sep-15 21:40:28

Thanks BTW and let me know when you hear!

HJBeans Wed 16-Sep-15 00:33:19

Really sorry to hear that. [frown]

Are you going to ask for feedback as to why they aren't interviewing you? If your DH is right, they'll have to scramble to get a proper excuse in order as they really should be interviewing you if you meet the person spec. When I was recruiting, HR told me I absolutely had to interview anyone meeting the person spec to avoid legal challenge.

Hairballs Wed 16-Sep-15 09:21:25

I was in exactly this situation a few years ago. I was 14 weeks and decided to tell them at the end of the interview; by that time (unknown to me) they'd already decided to give me the job and my pregnancy made no difference. It was a career-changing role for me and although I was under no obligation to tell them, in my case openness was absolutely the best policy.

Good luck.

poocatcherchampion Wed 16-Sep-15 21:41:04

Yes I've asked for feedback. But haven't heard yet - 2 days.
I'm trying to decide whether to make a fuss. Job was perfect, timing was a bit grim as I'd have to cut mat leave a bit short I think.

HJBeans Fri 18-Sep-15 19:15:58

I'm undecided, Hairballs, especially as I know them well my instinct is to be honest. But I agree with the poster above who said it's not really their business until they want to employ me and that I'd rather the interview focus on my job skills. That said, the way my belly's expanding at the moment I may not have a choice. I just fit into some suitable trousers, but I look a very different shape than I have over the last 15 years they've known me!

Hope you get some decent feedback, poo, which at least makes it clear what to do next. On the one hand, making a fuss won't get you the job. But they shouldn't go unchallenged if it ends up looking like blatant discrimination.

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