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5 weeks brown spotting/mild cramps- help!!

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PeasinPod1 Fri 11-Sep-15 13:52:28

So sorry to be starting yet another of these threads, but I??m just 5 weeks along (have a 2 yr old DS) and yesterday experience around 2 hours of very light brownish/pale pink spotting- literally few drops/stained my pants then only when wiped. Had mild cramps. Today and overnight- nothing more and still a very faint tummy ache in lower/middle belly.

Looking on web also found that not drinking enough water has been linked to spotting, and yesterday I know I (stupidly) barely drunk any water. I downed several pints of water before bed and then overnight it stopped?

We DTD the day before (only time since conceiving) so wandering if this could??ve caused the blood/late implantation bleeding? Such a horrid stage to be in as I??d go to hospital or book a private scan but likelihood they??d even see anything that was there at this early stage is so bleak??. Please share any similar tales/advice, thanks.

PeasinPod1 Fri 11-Sep-15 13:55:18

P.S Sorry for the ??s I cut/pasted and they seem to have replaced apostrophes!

starkers1 Fri 11-Sep-15 14:40:42

I don't have any direct experience sorry but sending you love and from what I've heard- if only for a few hours/then stopped and also no red blood- there is still a lot of hope to have. smile

5hell Fri 11-Sep-15 15:11:52

if it was after sex and has now stopped I'd say that was probably the cause...irritated cervix or similar i think they call it.

you could call your local epu for advice if you're unsure. depending how busy etc they are they may say come in in a week to check, or they may say come in if it happens again.

fingers crossed.

PeasinPod1 Fri 11-Sep-15 15:51:43

Thanks for reassurance both, very grateful...x

Silverglitter Fri 11-Sep-15 17:11:32

I had a very similar experience at 5 weeks, I called the emergency early pregnancy unit at my local hospital (it's worth checking if yours has one), they advised me to get some sleep and come in in the morning. I went in and was advised that they don't usually scan until 6 weeks but they agreed to carry out a transvaginal scan on me which showed clearly that there was no bleeding coming from the sack of pregnancy which apparently means that the blood must have come from somewhere else which is good! It was too early to find a heartbeat so they have booked me in for another scan 2 weeks later to find the heartbeat just for my peace of mind really.
I've had no bleeding since and been sick as a dog so I'm pretty sure everything is ok.
From reading other posts it seems that I'm quite lucky in my area to have a walk in early pregnancy/ gynocological emergency unit but I'm sure your midwife will be able to advise you about provision in your area.

PeasinPod1 Mon 14-Sep-15 09:27:15

Silverglitter- thankyou, that's very reassuring. Glad your pregnancy has progressed so well after this early worry.

Did something silly- and did some Clear Blue Weeks digital tests...on Friday- day before I was 3 weeks- I got 3+ weeks so though very encouraging...did the other one at weekend and got 2 results of only 2-3 id dropped down. Thought that was it and was very depressed, until read so much re. these tests being didgy and also the importance of 1st wee of day, the 2-3 weeks were both mid afternoon.

Took another one this morning and am back to 3+ weeks, while encouraging I know not to take anything as a given and am just waiting till end of this week, nearer 6 weeks to go to my EPU and get a scan. Wishing the next few weeks would fly by so I can finally get a scan and-fingers crossed- see a heartbeat.

BettyBi0 Mon 14-Sep-15 21:30:40

Step away from the clearblue digi tests! They are notoriously unreliable and I personally spent a bloomin fortune on them during my first pregnancy which turned out to be absolutely fine but tests didn't go up at the right time and then went back to 2-3 aargh! I'm still cross about how much I spent on them and how much stress they caused when my little girl was cooking away quite happily.

It's definitely worth the trying to get a reassurance scan privately if possible. I had a BIG bleed at 5+3 this time and thought it must be all over but a scan the next day showed the gestational sac and yolk sac were still there and the right size for dates. They diagnosed a subchorionic hematoma which Dr google told me all sorts of scary things about. I worried non-stop for the next week as had lots of cramping and brown spotting. Then at 6+6 I had anther scan and saw the beautiful heartbeat which drops the %risk of miscarriage substantially.

Any bleeding is scary but it's amazing how common it is. Stay stron hon x

PeasinPod1 Tue 15-Sep-15 08:45:18

BettyBi0 thankyou thankyou!!! I will step away from these evil tests now- promise!! Hoping to go to my EPU on Friday when hopefully they might see something as will be 5+6 then? Thanks for reassurance and sharing your story x

horsewalksintoabar Tue 15-Sep-15 09:05:16

I think it's a bit early for implantation bleed but try to be reassured by the fact that it's stopped...though with a MC it can stop then start up again. Sorry to be that person, saying the uncomfortable stuff. I am the 'bleeding throughout pregnancy' queen (3 kids now, 1 stillbirth, 2 MCs- I've got my badges grin). I would be totally surprised if this were a MC. Of course never rule one out. I bled like this from 6 weeks on...brown blood is old blood and usually 'better news' than bright red, which I never had. Pinkish yes, I had that as well, but bright red, I didn't ever have. But Lord I would have loads of it going through my pads, like someone dumped nutella on my Tena ladies. Frightening. Get your GP to book in a scan at the EPU. At 6 weeks +, a heartbeat is almost always detected. If they can get you in for 7 weeks, even better. My last pregnancy I had terrible brown bleeding in the early weeks. For two days I had it along with terrible cramps. I saw GP who wrote early miscarriage in my notes, went for a scan a week later, the idea being to see if I would need a D and C. Well, my early miscarriage is now 16 months and driving me up the wall, bless him! smile I never had a bleed with him after that. DC2 was the worst. I had brown blood and awful cramps well into the second trimester. I wanted to strap her in there, I was so scared. Ironically my heaviest bleeds and cramps were with my living children. I would make like 'Barbie girl'..."You can touch. You can play. You can say I'm always yours" but ditch penetrative sex until the second or third trimester. I really recommend that. Better to be safe and imaginative. flowers

PeasinPod1 Tue 15-Sep-15 09:28:55

horsewalksintoabar- thankyou!! Wow what a journey and ventures you've been on and experienced. It??s good to hear completely frank advice like yours, while I??m happy to get reassured I am not even probably thinking of myself as pregnant yet or getting excited until far more advanced and have had a few scans/seen a heartbeat. Do you think it??s a good sign I had just a few hours of light brown spotting and nothing else since (5 days later?). Although still read accounts where MCs can start with light spotting- then nothing for say a whole week- then the serious bleeding starts? Such a horrid time, willing the weeks to speed by!!

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