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need to eat but can't

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zannyminxoxox Fri 11-Sep-15 05:52:38

So Im lying in bed needing food of all the times, but the thought of food just makes me feel sick. I have been eating little and often either bread crisps or fruit and having a meal when I can stomach it. Even drinks are making me feel sick. Im managing fresh orange juice and water. I could only stomach lemonade at one point but thats making me feel sick now. Anyone else like this?

mrsnec Fri 11-Sep-15 06:05:47

Yes at one point and those foods you've mentioned were exactly the same for me although I can also do flapjacks and jacket potatoes. I'm nearly 16 weeks now and it's getting better but not gone completely. I did find the orange juice a bit acidic though you might be better if you could drink something else. Although I could only do full sugar coke at one point. I hope you feel better soon. I think fruit is the least offensive thing to eat on the way back so I do eat a lot of it!

BikeRunSki Fri 11-Sep-15 06:12:47

I was like that in both my pregnancies. It's an awful feeling isn't it? It's much more important to stay hydrated than eat, so put your efforts into drinking. I found I could sometimes manage cold, fizzy, bitter drinks - grapefruit juice mixed with soda water. Or try ice lollies or melting ice cubes in your mouth. I found it incredibly hard to eat or drink, I had a huge aversion to either. When you are this sick, it's likely you have a condition called Hyperemisis Gravidarum.

There are antisickness drugs that your GP can prescribe, which can make some difference. Some GP's are wary of prescribi them though.

I ended up in hospital being rehydrated on a drip several times in each pg, but to be honest I was past caring by then.

this is a very useful website

When I was up to eating it was only savoury foods, mostly Mini Cheddars!

BikeRunSki Fri 11-Sep-15 06:14:05

No idea what that unclicky link is ping in the middle of the second paragraph !

Bells2307 Fri 11-Sep-15 06:48:07

Hi, I'm suffering with sickness and the early pregnancy unit at my hospital had prescribed tablets which I take 3 times a day. Speak to them rather than suffering, it's what they're there for smile

KatyN Fri 11-Sep-15 07:17:03

I felt like that for 5 weeks at the beginning. I got anti sickness tablets from my gp so I wasn't vomiting but still mainly lying in bed feeling sick. I woke up at about 13 weeks and suddenly felt normal again. It was like a switch turning off.
I ate a lot of ice lollies and digestive biscuits. The biscuits I took everywhere with me on the off chance I could eat something I didn't want to miss the opportunity
Good luck

princesspineapple Fri 11-Sep-15 07:40:51

I kept trying different soups and smoothies in the hope that some vitamins and goodness would be absorbed before they inevitably made me sick... And my 12 week scan showed a perfect sized and very wriggly baby so I like to think that it worked a bit! grin
seriously though, ice lollies are your friend smile and jelly! I lived off this diet for a good 3 weeks. Feel better soon!

BikeRunSki Fri 11-Sep-15 10:23:31

You might find this thread comforting too zanny.

zannyminxoxox Sat 12-Sep-15 13:38:00

Thanks for your replies glad im not on my own. Im trying to avoid anti sickness tabs but will have to go docs if it carries on as I miss eating sad I have started getting heartburn now so orange juice is off the menu and I love that stuff sad I was like this with my girl, so maybe another girl. My boy I was so lucky had no symptoms whatsoever except sore boobs

zannyminxoxox Sat 12-Sep-15 13:38:55

The Jelly sounds good may get some in on my next shop smile

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