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39 weeks and 2 year old

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mumofmunchkin Tue 08-Sep-15 10:54:23

On my own with toddler today, 39+2, having low level cramps and feeling rotten, tell me it's ok to let cbeebies take over the childcare today?

soloula Tue 08-Sep-15 11:45:31

Absolutely! In a similar boat here - 37 weeks with a 2 year old and Peppa Pig is my best friend. smile I got some new colouring books and crayons which seem to be keeping DD distracted for a while too.

Havalina1 Tue 08-Sep-15 11:45:51

I'm 39+2 also! You due Sunday? smile

I've a 21dc in nursery even though I'm on leave now. I'm feeling dog rough today... Do what you gotta do!

Havalina1 Tue 08-Sep-15 11:46:31

... Do you think your labour is kicking off slowly? Or aloud!

Havalina1 Tue 08-Sep-15 11:46:58

Gah, typo - *jealous! Not "or aloud"!

RockerMummy184 Tue 08-Sep-15 11:47:06

Perfectly fine! In fact when my 2yo hasn't been at the childminder he's been left to his own devices with cBeebies, his iPad and a bag of Doritos/sultanas for the last couple of weeks! grin (34 weeks with twins here)
Put your feet up, make a cuppa and enjoy Mr Bloom! smile

mumofmunchkin Tue 08-Sep-15 13:18:45

Thanks ladies smile yes Havalina due Sunday, hoping against hope that this is the start of something, but not counting on it!

Havalina1 Tue 08-Sep-15 21:57:56

MumofM anything happening??

mumofmunchkin Wed 09-Sep-15 07:20:02

Unfortunately not, I'm still here! Have you been feeling anything Havalina?

Havalina1 Thu 10-Sep-15 09:55:23

I've had lots of sensations and I thought it was lift-off yesterday but nope, all back to square one today sad how are you?

mumofmunchkin Thu 10-Sep-15 10:58:12

Still having cramps, which are getting more "significant", but still very much pregnant! That's so frustrating when you think you're off and then it subsides, hopefully it'll ramp up again for you soon! Toddler is at the childminder today so at least I can have a sofa day grin

Havalina1 Thu 10-Sep-15 22:23:00

Me too, I got hours of dozing done today and I feel a million times better... Feeling very unlikely anything is going to happen now tonight. Baby is moving so much though, Jesus! Anything happening with you?

mumofmunchkin Fri 11-Sep-15 09:16:41

Things ramped up enough yesterday that we got my mum to stay over to look after the toddler just in case... and then it all died down again and I'm still here this morning! This little one is being pretty active too, nice and low down so really comfy! We'll get there in the end....

mumofmunchkin Fri 11-Sep-15 09:17:09

Any news at your end?

Havalina1 Sat 12-Sep-15 10:20:37

Ahhh that was me a few days ago!!

Nope, nada, absolutely nothing now....

Anything happening today??

mumofmunchkin Sat 12-Sep-15 22:27:43

Been generally crampy all day, but no real sign of it ramping up. Still hoping this baby decides to be one of the few who appear on their due date and shows up tomorrow!

Any movement for you? So annoying when it all goes quiet!

Havalina1 Sat 12-Sep-15 23:39:39

My first arrived on her due date! So I half expected this one to be early at the very least, but no! Nothing happening here.

mumofmunchkin Sun 13-Sep-15 06:48:48

Lol almost worse with the expectations then! My first was six days late, so didn't overly expect this one early all pregnancy bit when it gets to this point you can't help but hope... due date here, still pregnant, ho hum...

Havalina1 Sun 13-Sep-15 07:05:11

Exactly.... And I wonder too about this 'second pregnancy is much faster' thing too...

You're up early too ;) my dd has been up since 5.30 and god I would have loved some more SLEEP. I was actually sleeping!! pAre you in the same boat?

mumofmunchkin Sun 13-Sep-15 08:33:35

Yes, although half six start so not quite as painful as yours!

I found this pregnancy faster up until the last month or so, which has been the longest month in history...

Hope you manage to get a nap in today!

mumofmunchkin Wed 16-Sep-15 02:48:45

Just to update this - had my little boy on 15 sept, 8 lb, and gorgeous smile hope you're doing well Havalina!

Gunpowder Wed 16-Sep-15 03:24:01

Congratulations! flowers

CheerfulYank Wed 16-Sep-15 03:30:22

Awww, congratulations!

My second and third DC are of a similar age gap. DC3 was born nine days before DC2 turned two. That was in May. You do whatevvvvvver you need to do to get through the next little while wink

Gunpowder Wed 16-Sep-15 03:34:05

Agree with cheerful. I've got a toddler and a May baby too. There was a LOT of Cbeebies here the first couple of months.

Nowthereistwo Wed 16-Sep-15 03:35:42


My second dd is 6 days old and currently attached to boob.

Her big sister (25months) loves her so much it's brilliant to watch.

Just rest and let tv pick up the slack for a while (luckily out toddler goes to nursery 3 days still so don't feel as guilty).

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