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Pregnant with baby #3

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Bellejournee Sat 05-Sep-15 14:23:26

Nearly 7 weeks with our third child. We're going to have three under 3.5 - it's going to be crazy! Anyone else in a similar situation? Can't get to see the midwife for another two weeks as she's on annual leave, so all this waiting around in the first tri is making me a little twitchy!

Mouthfulofquiz Sun 06-Sep-15 15:06:42

I'm 6weeks with number 3 - oldest will be almost 4 when smallest one arrives, middle one will be 2 (just!)
Just as I get over the shock, I start the non-stop vomitting so not really feeling it at the moment. No midwife appt for me until 10 weeks so that seems like an age away.

Bellejournee Sun 06-Sep-15 18:58:51

Congratulations! Boo to the sickness :-( I'm just very queasy and already off most food, but managing to live on crumpets at the mo!

Bellejournee Sun 06-Sep-15 19:00:13

Clicked send too quickly :-/

I'll have a 3.6 year old and a 18 month old. Excited but know it's going to be pretty full on.

raisin3cookies Sun 06-Sep-15 19:01:22

Congrats! My eldest was 3.5 when my third child was born - it was crazy, but good! They are 12, 10 and 8 now and I am very happy they were born close in age.

islablossom15 Mon 07-Sep-15 14:25:40

Congrats! Im currently 24 weeks pregnant with number 3, my two DD's will be nearly 2 and 3 when their sister arrives.
Its nice to know im not the only crazy one grin

islablossom15 Mon 07-Sep-15 14:26:13

grin even.. blush

Bellejournee Mon 07-Sep-15 19:01:05

From what I've been told/'s harder going from 1-2, than 2-3, as were already used to dealing with the mayhem, it's just a bit extra ;-)

My two are great friends already and adore each other, so I do think being close in age helps with the closeness to an extent.

channingswife Mon 07-Sep-15 19:04:37

I'm about 5-6 weeks with number 3. My oldest will be 3 years 3 months when this one comes along and dc2 will be 3 months shy of 2. Going to have my hands full! DH is in the army so I'll be on my own a lot of the time.
We've told my parents and they aren't very happy about it but they'll change their mind in a few months (I hope!!)
Congratulations to you guys!

Bellejournee Mon 07-Sep-15 19:08:33

Congrats channing! I'm on my own a fair bit too, it's hard and relentless isn't it?. I've told my mum and got a 'congrats', but I do think there was a hint of "again? Already!'. In laws will find out later, but that's a whole other story :-/.

channingswife Mon 07-Sep-15 19:31:46

Definitely hard and relentless Belle but I love the chaos (most of the time!)
We've told my parents (who are long time divorced) and my mum is ok about it now but dad is not happy. He will come round, he's just worried about us financially and my health having lots of kids so soon together!
I just hope I get to 12 weeks!!

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