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Waiting for nuchal test results?

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Gingerlady123 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:21:17

Had nuchal test yesterday. Fluid was 5mm had blood taken and now waiting for the results. I'm dreading getting 1:2 . I'd be over the moon with just 1:10 at this stage.
I will keep the baby if it had downs but I'm worried about eighteen and thirteen.
I'm so stressed out. I hate that theirs no plan in place.
I have so many questions like
What if I miscarry?
What if I have to terminate?
How will I cope if is disabled?
What if it's stillborn?
I feel lost and don't know what to do.

New30 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:57:40

Hi ginger. I was really nervous about our screening tests (thankfully results came back low risk). There is really nothing you can do until you get the results. If the results are un favourable then hopefully you will get the support you need to deal with them x

Gingerlady123 Thu 03-Sep-15 14:31:52

The lady who did the test said we will defiantly be high risk because of the large amount of fluid. It's just how high risk. It sounds silly but I'd be over the moon with 1:10. At least then baby had ninety per cent chance of being ok. 1:2 will be dreadful. Hopefully being 21 will lower the risk.
I just want to know if I'll ever meet my baby alive or if the poor baby wouldn't be able to survive sad
It never moves on the ultrasound. This is the third scan now and unless I shake my belly about it just sits still. Really worrying.

ChicaMomma Thu 03-Sep-15 16:07:40

HI Ginger
they rarely move really (in my experience) until the later scans around 16-20 weeks, neither of mine did anyway. I'm currently 17 weeks and during all scans the baby has been compeltely immobile, and the Harmony scan has come back clear so free of all trisomies.

As for the 5mm- it's only one marker- did they mention anything about nasal bone, heart etc?

It's a worrying time of course but soon you'll have answers. There's every chance the baby is perfect and you wont have to worry about anything.

As for a plan- you'd need to start thinking about your options if the risk is high- CSV? Amnio? They can help you with the options but only you can put a plan in. I dont think it will come to that though!

Best of luck and keep us informed

duckyneedsaclean Thu 03-Sep-15 16:20:48

I had 7mm fluid at nuchal scan, the consultant redid it the next day & got 5.5mm irrc. He said there was no point doing the blood test as a reading that high would make it high risk anyway.

I wouldn't have terminated regardless of amnio/cvs results, so didn't do it. But can sympathise with how stressful the wait can be.

For what it's worth amnio would've been useless anyway because they still don't know what he's got! But he's 2.10 years now, been walking for 4 months, nearly talking, and is lovely.

My consultant was great & did scans every month, sent us for a cardiac scan at great ormond st, the lot. (They were all fine btw).

I don't know what my point is really. Just my experience in a similar situation.

duckyneedsaclean Thu 03-Sep-15 16:31:14

And ginger I've just seen some of your other posts. I was a similar age to you when I went through this (24). If you want someone to chat to pm me.

Skiptonlass Thu 03-Sep-15 16:31:26

Hi ginger, I remember your previous thread. Waiting is really hard on you but the hospital should have the bloods for you within a few days. Your age is one component they plug into the calculation they do - the bloods and the nuchal fold result are another. They also use your weight, although let me say that this is only to calibrate the bloods - if you're light or heavy it makes no contribution at all to if there is a problem or not. Weight does NOT cause this!

They can't really have a plan in place because they don't know what the issue is (if there is an issue) and what you want to do at this stage. Once the results are in - that's when you can start to think about the next stages.

As I mentioned before, the screening you're having now won't give you a definitive result - it's a screening test that gives you a %risk. so you will be offered further testing. You can have something like the harmony test which is no risk to the baby, or you can have amnio/CVS although you may need to wait a few weeks for amnio. Amnio and cvs are considered diagnostic tests, whereas harmony is still considered a screening test, but harmony is very accurate - over 99%. Depending on where you are in the UK, you may have to pay for harmony.

All your questions are really natural but only you can answer them and only when you have the information in hand. I hope you get good news back - until then, try to distract yourself as much as you can, however hard that is.

Gingerlady123 Thu 03-Sep-15 18:29:26

Thanks everyone.
My plan of action is to get a harmony test and fetal cardiac scan done at sixteen weeks and then see what the anomaly scan picks up. If it looks bad then and the harmony didn't work I would get an amino test.
It's so hard. I feel so attached to baby already knowing it's inside me. It feels like part of me and I feel so protective but I know I can't help it if it's ill which makes me feel helpless. Even if we get 1:5 theirs still a good chance baby is ok. And theirs so much that can be done about cardiac issues now on babies isn't their?
They didn't mention the nasal bone but heart beat is nice and strong at 171bpm.
She had a quick look at the brain, legs etc she didn't say anything so I assume all ok from what they can see at this early gestation.
Fluid was 4.5mm on Saturday and 5mm on Wednesday which is worrying that it increased. But she did take about ten minutes to get baby to move on Saturday so maybe it wasn't accurate

duckyneedsaclean Fri 04-Sep-15 11:10:14

ginger it sounds like you're getting a plan sorted, which is useful. Try not to worry, it sounds like you will love your baby no matter if he/she has some difficulties - and that's the most important thing.

And there's still a good chance they will be absolutely 'normal'! (As normal as children ever are...)

Gingerlady123 Fri 04-Sep-15 12:01:21

I will love it what ever it's still our baby. I'm trying not to worry about 18 and 13 as their very rare.
Looking at the positive even 1:5 means eight per cent baby is ok and even then with downs baby would still be able to enjoy life.
Been speaking to people at work. One person had 1:18 risk and baby is fine. One person was told baby had club feet and when they where born found to be fine. Their really positive and keep saying it's one maker it doesn't mean baby isnt ok. But it's so hard.
Just want my nt results in.

Gingerlady123 Fri 04-Sep-15 19:35:53

Omg. Results are in from the nuchal test they say 1:280 chance of downs !! I was so expecting 1:5 or worse. So happy.
Nuchal : 4.9mm: 3.87 mom
Frea beta hug level: 120.7: 2.99 mom
Papp-a: 5283: 2.26 mom
Nasal bone: present.
It doesn't mention t18 and t13 so can anyone say if I'm probably low risk based on Papp-a results as well? Would they be really low with those?
12 weeks today as well. I know we have a long way to go yet and we now have a 16 week heart scan and the 20 week anomaly scan but oh my gosh what a relief. Hope everyone else is ok

docmcstuffins1 Fri 04-Sep-15 19:39:33

Excellent news Ginger, I'm so pleased for you.

duckyneedsaclean Fri 04-Sep-15 20:00:04

Great! Hope you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy now smile

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