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Breech baby under ribcage

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KiwiLemon Tue 01-Sep-15 14:31:49

Had a 4d scan at the weekend which revealed the baby's head, feet and hands were all underneath my ribs on the left......thing is I'm in agony and honestly feel like my ribs are close to cracking. Has anyone got any tips to try and move baby (tried all fours).
Bloody agony!

mrsnec Tue 01-Sep-15 14:49:33


Not saying this will work but dd got herself in some funny positions and I used to swim a lot even quite late in pregnancy. She was still breech but the water helped me feel a bit more comfortable.

flamingoshoes Tue 01-Sep-15 20:04:16


My ds was breech all the way through and I had the same - agonising bruised ribs. He had arms feet and head pressing under my ribcage and into my stomach so couldn't eat without severy reflux. Try the spinning babies website for ideas. Unfortunately for me he didn't want to budge so ended up with a section and also a few months to recover from bruised ribs. 24 wks with no 2 at the mo who is also currently breech but hoping will turn....

purplewhale Tue 01-Sep-15 20:07:36

I was advised to get on all 4s with bum in the air to turn him. I'm having a section so I've not bothered as I'm not uncomfortable

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