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First trimester insomnia!!

(7 Posts)
Daphnedolittle Sun 30-Aug-15 20:54:34

I'm between 4 and 5 weeks and I can't sleep! Is anyone else experiencing this??

It was the first symptom I had before I got my BFP but it's getting worse. Last night I tossed and turned till 5am and I was wide awake by 8am.
I don't need the toilet and I don't feel in pain I just can't sleep, I don't get it. The night before I couldn't get to sleep till 2am and was wide awake by 6am. Im not a morning person and I'm NEVER wide awake in the morning and can always get back to sleep.
I'm not napping in the day either as I don't have time. Is this normal at such an early stage and will it get any better?

LilyRose16 Sun 30-Aug-15 22:27:01

I feel your pain! Since before i found out i was pregnant i stopped sleeping, and im just over 13 weeks now. It has been awful. I too am not a morning person and LOVE my sleep so much, so this insomnia was a shock to the system. Its been making me feel worse with nausea and vomiting, although fingers crossed i haven't actually puked in a few days.

Even when im beyond tired, the worst thing is just lying there when i get into bed. The nights that i manage to actually get to sleep, im up at 1am or 3 am for a wee then struggle to go back to sleep.

I feel your pain and i hope we both grow out of this soon!!!!!

Daphnedolittle Sun 30-Aug-15 22:32:30

Lily - I'm glad I'm not the only one but so sorry you are going through this too! It's almost time for bed but I'm not tired now, I know I'll be awake all night.
I haven't got the nausea yet, perhaps too early for that, not sure how I'll cope when that comes too!!

Junosmum Sun 30-Aug-15 23:45:49

I didn't get first trimester insomnia but definitely have it now at 20 weeks, been sleeping poorly and waking at 5. At the moment because of building work we are living in our bedroom so there isn't anywhere for me to go or anything for me to do as hubby is asleep!

Silversun83 Mon 31-Aug-15 07:38:43

Sorry to hear you're all struggling but I'm glad I'm not the only one! I only got my BFP yesterday so only 4 weeks today but both yesterday and today I've woken up stupidly early and been unable to get back to sleep (today it was 4.45am!).. I'm hoping it's just the anxiety/excitement/shock as we'd been TTC for a year (had just started tests) so I was not expecting it at all!

At least it's a long weekend?!

Daphnedolittle Mon 31-Aug-15 09:25:47

Silverssun congratulations on your BFP. smile I know how you are feeling, all i can feel is excitement at the thought of a baby mixed with crippling fear that I will miscarry. I think it's natural but won't be helping with the sleep issue.
Last night I tried a meditation sleeping app called buddify. It really worked, (nothing overly spiritual) but it sent me to sleep and I slept till 6.45. I think it's partly the excitement and over thinking that causes the insomnia for me, so I need to find ways to focus my mind away from it before bed. I also relaxed without my phone before bed and I had a read rather than looking at my phone.
I hope some of you had a decent sleep last night, I think my body was desperate for a rest!

Silversun83 Mon 31-Aug-15 13:04:22

Thanks Daphne.. You too! Glad you managed to get a better night's sleep last night.. Might have to check out that app!

I know what you mean about the fear.. I think I was only 11/12DPO yesterday and feeling crampy so it feels like I'm still going to get my period! I'm holding on to the fact that my luteal phase is only around 11 days anyway and the positive was pretty strong..

Had you been TTC long?

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