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Chickenpox and pregnancy

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mintteaforme Thu 27-Aug-15 18:32:09

Hi all,
So, at the end of last week I discovered I was pregnant - and DS promptly came down with chickenpox. I knew during my first pregnancy I didn't have immunity (I found after the regular blood test they do at 12 weeks).

This time around I was determined I would do everything I could to mitigate the risk of contracting chickenpox whilst pregnant, so I had the chickenpox vaccine well before conceiving. It didn't work. A blood test a couple of days ago showed I have no immunity at all. The hospital were amazing, and within a day I was given a dose of immunoglobulin. Now it's a waiting game, to see whether I develop chickenpox or not.

I veer between feeling quite calm, and feeling absolutely terrified about what the chickenpox might do to the baby if I come down with it (there are some frightening things on the NHS and other websites). So.... is there anyone out there who's been through the same experience and willing to share their stories?

gemsparkle84 Thu 27-Aug-15 20:49:29

Hey minttea. I know you could have already caught it but is there someone you can stay with for a couple of weeks to minimise the risks? This is maybe something I would try. Please try not to worry too much xx

strangechild Fri 28-Aug-15 17:59:48

Thanks Gem. Yes, I've been staying with friends. Sadly, I know chickenpox is most contagious just before the spots appear - which was around the time DS and I had lots of contact. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the immunoglobulin works!

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