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Pregnant - when should I visit the Dr?

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Brightsideisbetter Tue 25-Aug-15 21:40:16

I found out I was pregnant this weekend- it's very ealy days, it said 2-3 weeks on the test. i was hoping someone could please share some pearls of wisdom from their experience. Should I make an appointment with a Dr straight awAy or wait for a few weeks until more time has passed?
Thank you!

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Tue 25-Aug-15 22:19:54

In many practices you don't need to see the GP at all, just self-refer to the midwife. If you call your GPs reception they'll be able to advise you. Congratulations!

Junosmum Tue 25-Aug-15 22:20:22

Depends on where you live. Call your surgery and ask if you need to see the gp or if you can self refer to the midwife service. If it's self reference call them and make an appointment for when you are around 8 weeks.

Junosmum Tue 25-Aug-15 22:22:31

If it's gp then make an appointment for when you are 6ish weeks so they have time to refer you to the midwife. Congratulations.

Brightsideisbetter Tue 25-Aug-15 22:24:17

Thank you very much all - really helpful. Its all a bit of (a lovely) shock so all confused!

BBQueen Tue 25-Aug-15 22:27:16

Each GP surgery does things differently so I would phone the receptionist and see. At my surgery, appointments need to be made ASAP to see the midwife at 9 weeks (no GP involvement).

Congratulations, by the way!

Flisspaps Tue 25-Aug-15 22:32:22

I saw the GP at about 6w with DD. we filled in a form during the appt to refer me to the MW.

With DS I called the MW team directly, saved wasting 10 minutes of my life in the GP surgery unnecessarily grin

LariyahSpen Wed 26-Aug-15 02:51:41

Congratulations!! I went to the gp at about 5 weeks and he basically referred me over to a midwife who then contacted me for my next appointment which was a booking session at around 9 weeks. They do your bloods and have a bit of a chat about what care you will receive at this later appointment.

Your gp will prob take your bp & give you a due date (which may change once you have been scanned at 12 weeks) and they will just tell you to take folic acid - but generally that's it.

Something else to remember is if the home pregnancy test has said 2-3 weeks add 2 weeks on so your probably around 5 weeks.

Good luck with it all smile

Topsy34 Wed 26-Aug-15 08:23:25

Depends on your surgery, i just phoned at 5 weeks at made a booking appointment with mw, my mw is onky there once every 2 weeks so gets booked up fast!

tinyme135 Wed 26-Aug-15 09:34:02

when I found out (a new time mummy) I went straight to the doctors as I didn't know how far gone I was. I went in on the Thursday and come the Tuesday I was in my booking in appointment. Found out I was actually 10 weeks gone already haha.

Like others have said phone the GP and see what they say.

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