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What do go for????

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MumToBe2015R Mon 24-Aug-15 13:08:03

LO is 2wks old, and I have been breastfeeding. But did try SMA on day 3 & he took it all out. Tried Cow & Gate on day 4, which he didn't take out. tried Aptamil on day 6 & he took it out.

As I am on antibiotics atm due to infected wound from C-Section, I think that's given LO diarreah.

Even breast milk he takes out here & there. But I'm thinking I should just put him on formula while I'm on these antis.

Can anyone recommend what I should do?

If I go for Cow & Gate should I go for Anti Reflux? Can I give anti reflux to a baby that I don't no suffers from acid reflux?


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