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I have piles!!

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RevsDeCub Sun 23-Aug-15 12:14:47

I have just had a shower & when cleaning noticed I have a small (less then a pea) pump. OH confirmed it was a pile blush Ffs - pregnancy is so glam!! Along with the raging stretchmarks & fat everywhere I can't cope!
I have had no pain however there are little spots of bleeding when I poo. Do I need to do anything? Should I buy some cream? Will it affect labour? I'm 37 weeks now ... Baby has had an eviction notice why is he still inside!!

RevsDeCub Sun 23-Aug-15 12:15:07

*lump not pump!

Fuzzyduck21 Sun 23-Aug-15 13:19:35

I've got piles too blush only a few mind. I had bleeding when I wiped and wasn't sure of exactly where it was coming from so went to the day unit and said I thought it could be piles. After an examination my thoughts were confirmed... they didn't say to do anything but just knowing what it was made me relieved as I thought I could be bleeding from fanjo! But no, they didn't tell me to do anything and I've had barely any blood since so just going to forget about it for now... xx

Every1KnowsJeffHesUsuallyACunt Sun 23-Aug-15 13:36:56

Anusol is pretty good when it gets angry. Which it probably will at some point, sorry. They are rubbish and totally not glamorous but be assured you're not alone.

It won't affect your labour but it might be affected by your labour. In other words it will probably get very swollen and sore with the pushing. Inevitable really.

Frozen tip top lollies in a flannel between the cheeks will help with that.
Use moist toilet wipes. Much better than scratchy lav roll.
Lots of water. Lots of fruit and veg.
Try to avoid straining when you go to the loo.
Do your pelvic floor exercises. Trust me.
And if you have any trouble going after the birth, don't hesitate to get some lactulose to help you.

NettleFarseer Sun 23-Aug-15 13:41:56

Piles are bastards aren't they.

Ask your midwife for some cream..they probably will get a lot worse after labour

Chattymummyhere Sun 23-Aug-15 16:11:19

I got my first after giving birth to my son they are horrible little buggers as if women don't get a bad deal already. Anusol is good to use and safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding. You can get it as a cream or a suppository. If it gets angry I say use both.

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sun 23-Aug-15 18:29:05

I have piles. Or, should I say, I feel like I'm sat on a small balloon filled with angry wasps. Every time I get a bit better, I have another bout of constipation which ruins it. Oh, don't even talk to me about the added fun if being in iron tablets at the same time. It's like trying to poo out those army commando toys, pointy end first. Really unfair, if I drink any more water I'll drown in the bloody stuff. Good to know about anusol, will make partner get it for me (it's like that time I had thrush all bloody over again....)

poocatcherchampion Sun 23-Aug-15 18:33:38

A particular joy of my pile is that my 3 year old spotted it the other day don't ask and started yelling "a tongue! A tongue! Why has your bottom got a tongue?????"


RevsDeCub Sun 23-Aug-15 21:45:04

I'm glad I'm not alone blush
I feel like my body is ruined now & I'm only early twenties... But of course baby is worth it all Even though I feel like shit
Will try anusol & hope they don't become worse in labour (of course they will, but I'm trying to be optimistic!!)
poocatcher that made me giggle. You have scarred your child for life grin

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