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does being overweight affect when you first feel movement?

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MaltaVestrit Sat 22-Aug-15 15:02:15

I'm 19 weeks (by scan dates, 18 by mine) and I still I'm not really sure I've felt baby move. I've had a few 'bubbles' and 'flutters' but by the time I've noticed its over and I'm left wondering if its just other body gurgles!

with DC1 I felt first movement at 21 weeks, with DTs I think it was around 17/18 weeks but there was two of them!!

I'm a fair bit heavier this time than last an I wondered if that would affect how early I would feel anything? although not sure why it would relating to internal feelings, I can see how it may effect DH being about to feel kicks!

so basically am I being overly worried? everything I've read seems to say you feel earlier in subsequent pregnancies and the MW asked at my 16 week check if I'd felt anything yet.

anyone else like to share their experiences to hopefully put my mind at rest? I'm so much more paranoid this time round!!

Mulligrubs Sat 22-Aug-15 15:05:25

No, with my first I felt movement at 14 weeks, with my current (second) it wasn't til gone 17/18 weeks. I was the exact same weight during both pregnancies with high BMI. So I felt my second later but it wasn't my weight affecting it.

IrritatedPartyOf1 Sat 22-Aug-15 15:52:24

If your placenta is to the front this can affect you feeling movement. On my first pregnancy the placenta was to the front so I was over 23/24 weeks before I felt anything. On my second pregnancy I could feel movement by 17 weeks, his placenta was to the back. This time I think I can feel flutters already and I'm only 12 weeks.

mrsnec Sat 22-Aug-15 16:09:05

I was overweight in my last pg but not by much. Think bmi of about 26. I put on 10kg in my pregnancy.

I felt fluttering from about 19 weeks and I don't remember it getting much stronger than that. I never felt the massive boots in the bladder that people talk about.

Dd got herself in some funny positions too from transverse to breech. She actually engaged en route to theatre and I had no idea.

They did tell me my placenta was low though.

Wondering if I'll feel more this time or earlier. I'm 13 weeks and can't say I've felt anything. Didn't manage to lose all my weight from last time so bmi probably 28 this time.

mummyneedinganswers Sat 22-Aug-15 21:53:47

No I'm extremely overweight and have an anterior placenta and felt bubbles tapping from 17 weeks ND now full kicks at 25. Some babies just don't move as much until later on or you could have an anterior placenta that's also low down x

MaltaVestrit Sat 22-Aug-15 22:18:31

thanks for sharing. I guess this little one just doesn't want to move much!! it would just be nice to have the reassurance - I hate the in between stage, no longer feeling pregnancy symptoms but no kicks either!

2 weeks til the 20 week scan to hopefully put my mind at rest a bit!!

scarednoob Sun 23-Aug-15 09:21:40

For me personally, it didn't affect when - even as a FTM with a fat tummy, I started feeling bubbles and jumps at 17 weeks. But it MAY affect how much, as I have a high posterior placenta and still get freaked out about movements some days at 33+5; yet when I've had a scan or a CTG it is clear I am not feeling a lot of them! Plus my partner can feel movements externally that I don't feel internally.

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