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hands on midwife

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Doublebubblebubble Wed 19-Aug-15 19:29:54

Hi all. I'm not sure what the standard practice is anymore (I certainly don't remember having it done for dd or my twins) but for almost every appointment apart from the really early ones my midwife (who is lovely) has checked how my baby is positioned (I am fine with this and obviously realise why she is doing this in the later stages - currently 33 weeks) its just that when she does it, it feels like she is digging her hand into the neck of the womb I tense up every time with some force... (It is really very painful, i have told her several times that it hurts and I'm not one to shy away from telling people I am in pain -) she always says afterwards that "all of her ladies hate her for it but she has to check, etc". She always talks to my bump too and rubs it (not anything inappropriate just something I've never seen before as all of the other midwives I have had and there have been a few have been quite stand-offish.) Is it standard procedure then, anyone else had this?? Is it only me??

Pomtastic Wed 19-Aug-15 19:43:22

It felt like that at times for me too later on. I told my midwife I declined that part of palpitating, there was no problem at all with this - it's your choice whether you consent to anything!

I'd find the rubbing a bit weird but that's just me - tell her if you're uncomfortable with it, could say it out right or say your skin is extra sore from being being stretched!

ToadsforJustice Wed 19-Aug-15 19:53:04

Tell the MW that you do not consent to that part of the consultation. She doesn't "have to check" either. She can offer the check but you can choose to have one or not.

ChristmasYoni Wed 19-Aug-15 19:54:03

Google pawlicks grip, it's hard to explain to see if this is what you mean but the images should be familiar if so. If it is this she does then it is to determine what the presenting part is and how engaged it is. Quite an important part of the palpating even though it can be uncomfortable!

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