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Measuring large for dates - referred to consultant

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acquiescence Wed 19-Aug-15 13:15:42

I am 28+5. At my midwife appointment yesterday she was concerned I was measuring big (33cm uterus measurement, increased by 5 cm in 2 weeks) so she has referred me back to antenatal for a consultant review and a scan. She mentioned that is could indicate gestational diabetes, excess fluid, or just a big baby.

Has anyone had this experience and what was the outcome? I'm hoping for a home birth so really hoping there aren't complications!

acquiescence Wed 19-Aug-15 13:16:32

Ps I'm pretty small, 5'2 and a size 10 so feeling pretty huge already! Have put on over 2 stone but only on the bump.

zzzzz Wed 19-Aug-15 14:25:17


zzzzz Wed 19-Aug-15 14:33:33

Sorry I don't mean you've got surprise twins...though that would be wild!grin. My baby after twins was huge but no diabetes.

Try not to worry. Perhaps it's all water and the baby will come out surfing a wave

soloula Wed 19-Aug-15 16:22:43

Try not to worry as there could be other reasons why bump is measuring big apart from what your midwife suggested. It could be the way the baby is lying just now or even the way the midwife is measuring you as they can vary greatly. I was measured at the weekend there by a midwife in the maternity assessment unit when I was in for another issue and she put me just over 1cm ahead of average whereas my midwife consistently measures me over 3cm. Better to get checked just in case but try not to worry about what ifs until you've seen the consultant and you know where you stand as you could be worrying over nothing. smile

Whattocallme Wed 19-Aug-15 16:24:03

I was measuring too big and had undiagnosed polyhydromnious.

Keep an eye on the baby's movements. If they change in anyway go for a check up.

cathpip Wed 19-Aug-15 19:02:02

Just had this, am now cuddling ds smile. I consistently measured large as I have done in all my pregnancies, gtt test was negative so I had growth scans, no excess fluid just large transverse baby. He was delivered by elcs (all have been section, nothing to do with size) at 38+3. He did weigh 11.6lbs mind, even the surgeon was surprised. I was sectioned early due to severe anxiety over the previous loss of a child, but they did say that usually unless my health or babies health/placenta were in doubt I would of had to wait till my 39th week for my section.

kep1979 Mon 24-Aug-15 13:30:16

I had this with both of my boys. My eldest was 9lbs, delivered by elcs at 37 weeks due oligohydramnios (low fluid levels). My youngest was 10lbs, delivered by emcs at 39 weeks and they found I had polyhydramnios (high fluid).

I am now nearly 20 weeks with number three, and fully expecting to measure large again - I am going to push for a growth scan anyway as the oligohydramnios with ds1 was quite severe hence needing him delivered early.

I think the high fluid levels can potentially cause a risk of cord prolapse, but not sure a) how common that is or b) if that would push you to not being able to have a home birth. Hope all goes well for you.

misssmilla1 Mon 24-Aug-15 14:23:47

At my 35 week scan last week the baby was measuring 38 weeks in leg length, and nearly 40 weeks in the head measurement shock altho this is pretty consistent with his measurements over the last 10 weeks or so. I've had the gestational diabetes test which was fine, so they sent me for it again (results have come back as normal) They also sent me for extra scans to see / make sure that his kidneys etc were working ok - sounds like they are looking for signs of insulin resistance or abnormal growth (i.e. in the brain etc), but they ruled that out too.

My amniotic fluid was borderline normal / low but I think I've been very dehydrated so waiting to see this week if that goes up as I've been drinking tons of water. If it's normal then I think I just have a big chunk of a baby on board!

Hope the review and scan go fine smile

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