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Subchorionic haemorrhage?

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Satura Tue 18-Aug-15 18:22:21

Hi all, just wondered whether anybody has had any experience with this at all?

I'm 9 weeks pregnant today I've had a strange feeling that something was wrong for the last couple of days (although I am a HUGE worrier generally!) and today my lovely mum offered to pay for a private scan to put my mind at rest.

All seemed well with the baby, we saw and heard the heartbeat (170 bpm) and baby was measuring in at 23.1mm, which the sonography said was correct to my dates. Toward the end of the scan she asked whether I had experienced any pain or bleeds during the pregnancy so far and I said I'd had a bit of spotting at 7wks but nothing since then.

She then informed me that there was a small pocket of blood behind the gestational sac and that I may experience a bleed some time soon. She said it's difficult to say what causes them but sometimes it's left over blood from implantation.

However, since coming home I've checked online and it seems that these can be a little more serious than the sonography suggested, and that they can occasionally threaten the pregnancy altogether with some ladies saying they'd been advised to stay on bed rest for the foreseeable future until the bleed had definitely gone. I'm really worried now.

Has anybody had any experience of this, good or bad, and how much should I really be concerned? I have a three year old who's working out that something is going on with us and is wanting lots of cuddles at the moment - is it still safe to pick her up?

Also, on an unrelated note: when I had spotting at 7wks I was given an emergency scan in case of ectopic pregnancy and baby was measuring 3 days ahead of my dates. Should I be worried baby is now bang on my dates according to LMP (I.e. No longer measuring ahead) or is this normal?

Thanks everyone x

MummyPigg Tue 18-Aug-15 18:30:10

I wouldn't go by what you've read online too much. If I were you, I would call the hospital and speak to a midwife about your concerns and ask them the questions you want answering, or your own midwife? Look online at your local hospital and search for anti natal triage (I think) They are usually lovely and like to reassure you anyway. At least you will get qualified answers. Hope alls okay and congratulations thanks

soloula Tue 18-Aug-15 19:12:54

I've had subchorionic haematoma with both my pregnancies. With my current pregnancy I'm 34 weeks and had a light bleed about 9 weeks with no further issues even though I was told to expect more bleeding. With DD I had a really bad bleed (think sodding sanitary towels after 20 minutes) at 11 weeks. It was terrifying and I thought that was it but I had no further issues (apart from further spotting and brown clots for a couple of weeks after) and DD is now a happy healthy 23 month old. I think the advice you are given depends on the position and size of the haematoma so I'm sure if there was cause for concern you would have been told the relevant advice - no sex, bed rest, no heavy lifting etc or, as in your case, carry on as normal and be prepared for a wee bit more bleeding. Google can be great but at the same time it can cause all sorts of worry so try not to rely on it too much (easier said than done!). smile As MummyPigg suggests - any other concerns would be better directed to your midwife. flowers

Satura Tue 18-Aug-15 21:42:30

Thanks guys, I gave my hospital a call but sadly as it was after six I wasn't able to speak to a member of the Early Pregnancy team. sad

Was advised to either call or come in tomorrow as they may want to take a look at it themselves so that they can keep it in my notes, so now I'm really worried! Hoping everything's alright, thanks so much for your support! X

Doublebubblebubble Wed 19-Aug-15 11:20:30

Get off DR Google you wink!!!!

I had a SCH when I was pregnant with twins in 2012 (they were stillborn due to ttts - absolutely nothing to do with the bleeding and I did have a LOT of things that went wrong with the pregnancy) and I bled brown blood for about 3 weeks. If i was concerned which was all the time btw i went up to my epau (which is until 16 weeks where i am) and I was told that more often then not you will have a bit of a bleed if it gets knocked by a strong kick or a bm. The sch Did absolutely no harm to the babies at all!! - I was advised to take it easy but was never told that I needed bed rest and obviously if I had pain and\or it changed to red blood then to give them a call. Honestly pretend like you didn't hear anything from the sonographer x I know it is easier said than done x

MummyPigg Wed 19-Aug-15 13:58:51

Did you manage to speak to anyone or go in?

Satura Thu 20-Aug-15 00:31:14

Hello lovely ladies - sorry for the late update, I had responded earlier but for whatever reason it didn't post.

I decided to call the EPAU and see what they said rather than go in right away as I didn't want them to think I was some paranoid crazy pregnant lady who just wants a scan every 5 minutes to make sure everything is ok which I definitely am, but they don't need to know that just yet... and they were really helpful.

They talked me through exactly what had been found on my scan and said that as it's small, and given that bub seemed fine on the scan, the area in question is likely to hopefully resolve itself so long as I'm mindful of things like lifting my daughter or any rigorous exercise which could put a strain on my body at the moment. They did also say that if I felt concerned for any reason or experienced any bleed or unusual pain to just come straight into the unit for a scan and they'd check to make sure everything was still ok, which I thought was really good and quite reassuring just to know that when if I'm feeling concerned for any reason they're happy to check on the baby and give me peace of mind.

I'm actually booked in for another scan on monday anyway (I'm taking part in a study of women who experience bleeds early on; I had lots of bleeding while pregnant with my daughter as well) when I'll be almost 10 weeks, so hoping to hold out til then provided everything is ok and hoping to see a big, strong, healthy bub. smile

DoubleBubble I'm so sorry to read about your loss, that must be absolutely devastating. I really hope things are brighter for you now and starting to look up. I really appreciate your reassurance, I'm glad to know that the SCH isn't always as ominous as google had led me to believe. Thank you for sharing your story lovely. smile


amyboo Thu 20-Aug-15 07:50:05

I had a huge subchorionic haematoma with DS3 when I was around 16 weeks. I had a huge gush of blood and then bled on and off for a week or so. I also had a low lying placenta, so was hospitalised for a week and then signed off work for 3 weeks. It all worked out fine in the end- DS was born early (at just under 31 weeks) but he was fine after a stay in the nicu and is now a happy healthy 2.5 year old smile

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