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Missed/silent miscarriage

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Blast182 Mon 17-Aug-15 21:55:55

Hi, i recently posted about being worried about my 12 week scan. Well, bad news I'm afraid... Scan showed a 6mm fetus so around 6 weeks. I have a rescan in 10 days to see if there is any growth but at this stage I'm 99% sure it is a MMC. I had my forst possitive test 7 weeks ago. All I'm asking is does anyone know if the date at the scan includes the 2 weeks before actual conception? I know its probably the worst case, but just trying to work out dates and make sure I'm not just really bad at my dates before I start grieving so to speak. At the moment I keep holding onto the fact that I could have ovulated a lot later and just had a very early pregnancy test. Although I think I'm in denial and just clinging onto hope.

Another quick question to anyone who has had a MMC, i havent had any bleeding yet, but have only just found out today so have booked 2 days off work just to get my head around the whole thing. My boss was pretty shitty with me for doing so, as she had to cover the shifts. Am I being unreasonable?

Frankie72 Mon 17-Aug-15 22:09:35

2 days! I had 2 weeks!! I'm a teacher and that meant massive amount of work for my dept and getting a cover but I know I would of not been able to teach. The school were amazing about it and the hospital would of signed me off for as long as I wanted. Get a sick note and take the time you need. Don't worry about work at all. It's a horrible thing to happen and you need time to process the physical and emotional pain. Lots of love xx

Babymamamama Mon 17-Aug-15 22:18:19

So sorry you're going through this. I had the same thing prior to having my dd. from what I remember all the dates are worked out from your lmp ie period. When I had my missed miscarriage I was given two options. First take some tablets prescribed by the hospital. go home and wait for the miscarriage to happen. Second option go under general anaesthetic and have an erpc (evacuation of retained products of conception think). I couldn't face the miscarriage option at home so went for the erpc. Gp signed me off for two weeks after. He told me that missed miscarriage is often the body's way of preparing for a subsequent successful pregnancy and indeed I did go on to have my beloved dd. sending you all good wishes at this difficult time.

AuditAngel Mon 17-Aug-15 22:29:44

Hi, I suffered a MMC between DS and DD1.

We had the scan on a Friday, I didn't go back to work. Popped in on the Monday to finish off some work I was in the middle of/hand stuff over. I saw a consultant (privately) Monday evening, had ERPC on Tuesday morning, stayed home for rest of week.

Emsyd89 Mon 17-Aug-15 22:52:21

So sorry blast182. I had a missed miscarriage with my first. I was referred to the early pregnancy unit because of some early bleeding, which ironically turned out just to be implantation bleeding as I have had it with my current pregnancy (28 weeks and going well so far). The scan date does include the 2 weeks prior to conception. I had 3 scans, each 2 weeks apart, and they confirmed the baby had stopped growing at the third scan. Then had an ERPC. In a lot of ways I felt better once I'd had the procedure as I was so in limbo until then, being pregnant but knowing the baby probably wasn't alive.

Hoping for good news for you, or at the very least a definitive answer. Hope you get the support you need x

Emsyd89 Mon 17-Aug-15 22:54:34

Also just to add, I had the ERPC on a Thursday, took Friday off and then went back on Monday, even though I was signed off for a week. I was fine for a couple of days, then had a lot of bleeding which the Dr said was probably due to over exerting myself. Take the time you need to recover physically and emotionally

ffffffedup Tue 18-Aug-15 10:29:14

I had a mmc a few years ago I had to go through the horrific 2 week wait to see if there had been any progress. It was awful as I knew in my heart the pregnancy had failed but I didn't bleed at all. I had the scan 2 weeks later which confirmed mmc and was booked in for surgical removal the day after.

Them 2 weeks were the longest of my life. Do work know your pregnant and possibly suffering a miscarriage? My work was brilliant with me although they was very busy told me to take as much time as I needed. Go to the doctors they'll happily give you a note given the circumstances. Don't even give work another thought your health is all that matters.

I do hope all works out well for you sending you big hugs x

cth1982 Tue 18-Aug-15 13:00:48

Blast - so sorry to hear your news - I had a MMC in February - I had positive tests but HGC levels kept dropping and scan confirmed the baby had not survived. From the scan and confirmation of bloods it took about 3/4 days for the bleeding to start - once this had started I took a week off work to just deal with it all.

Do make yourself the number one priority here - work will still be there after xxx

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