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Scans and weight measurements

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londonliv Mon 17-Aug-15 20:14:47

I'm currently 37 weeks and have been reading a lot on boards where people have been mentioning scans that they've had after the 20 week one & also the estimated baby weight. I haven't had any scans since 20 weeks & they've never mentioned about what my baby's estimated weight might be.

I have been having a very good pregnancy with no health issues - is this why I haven't had any extra scans? Is this something that they only do if they have reason for concern? Is that the same with the weight thing as well?

puddleduck27 Mon 17-Aug-15 20:29:14

I have only had 12 and 20 week scan. I haven't had an estimated birth weight either.
Some areas have a routine scan at 34 weeks. and they do estimate birth weight. altho from what Iv heard it's not very accurate. grin

dlwelly Mon 17-Aug-15 20:31:01

I'm the same, only had the 2. I think you have extra scans if you're measuring off average (that's why they measure your bump at each appointment) or if there's another reason for them to check on you!

ChazzerChaser Mon 17-Aug-15 20:35:17

Yes they do it if worried about it being big or small. So you could measure small when the midwife measures you, or have a condition that leads to small babies, or had a whopper in the past for example. I had extra scans with my first for other reasons, and we didn't discuss weight, so they only focus on it if there's a concern

LongDayAlready Mon 17-Aug-15 21:06:00


Am expecting DC4 next month and have never had more than 2 scans. Despite DC2 persistently measuring ahead of dates and finally being 9lbs 10oz on arrival. It can be quite unnerving and a bit annoying sometimes when all and sundry are having them - I rather suspect this one is going to be big too but MW seems unconcerned too.

On the plus side, it's one less wait room to queue in!

londonliv Mon 17-Aug-15 21:08:38

Ah OK! I was wondering if it was just me grin whilst I'm glad that they haven't been concerned enough to do extra checks I was starting to feel like the only one who hadn't had any extra scans or measurements!

ChazzerChaser Mon 17-Aug-15 21:34:48

On the other plus side longday, it means you don't have to go through the situation of having health care professionals give you cause to worry about the health of your baby. If anyone wants the extra scans, and will take the health problems they're checking for with them, please be my guest.

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