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Prenatal depression?

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1wokeuplikethis Mon 17-Aug-15 16:28:32

Is/has anyone suffered with this? What sumptoms did you have?

I've just been for my 16wk midwife appointment and burst into tears when asked how I am. Which would be strange for me under usual circumstances, but I've been wondering if I have pre-nd for a few weeks now. Here is why:
- problems sleeping; waking in the night and unable to fall back to sleep even if it's 1 or 2am
- teary and snappy
-irritable with everybody and pissed off with the world in general: I think everyone is an idiot.
-struggling to hold a conversation and useless in social situations.
- feel isolated and paranoid.
- just want to sleep all the time or lie in bed.
- feel like a crap mum to my daughter.

To be honest, a lot of these feelings remind me of last time I was pregnant and while I was breastfeeding. I wonder if it is just hormones or if it's more, perhaps I had pnd before and didn't recognise it.

I've got other things going on with my life- we recently discovered my beloved dad has a terminal illness. My work has changed significantly and my manager is incompetent.

My midwife was very concerned today and wanted to sign me off work due to how I'm feeling and as she put it 'you need to put your daughter first and be strong for her', but I said no to the time off. Maybe i made a mistake.

Oh I don't know. This just sounds like a rant now.

Does anybody have experience of prenatal depression?

dietcokemonster Mon 17-Aug-15 17:53:58

This sounds very very normal and definitely something you can get help with. It's up to you whether time off is a good idea or not - I sometimes find my mood is worse when I have lots of time to think things through - but antenatal depression is real and increasingly well recognised. You sound like you've got a lot on your plate and are actually coping very well indeed all things considered. I would recommend calling the Tommy's midwives to talk through how you are feeling and give you some advice - 0800 0147 800. take care of yourself, this is tough and you're doing great to think about the right support you need.

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