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Concerns over booking appt blood tests

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Tigerstar123 Mon 17-Aug-15 15:45:07

Hi all,

Just to throw this out there first, but I am a born worrier!
I am currently 12 weeks pg and had my booking appt. Usual things done inc bloods taken.
I spoke to my midwife re the results and she said I'd get them at my scan next week.

However, I'm worried there will be something awful in these results. If there was, would you be told about it before your scan?? IE would the hospital or midwife ring?

I had booking bloods done last year, but had mmc at 12 weeks, so just days before my scan, so I never got to see midwife again. If there was anything awful in the results, would someone have contacted me?

Just feel on pins. Any reassurance would be grateful. Thanks in advance. Xx

cranberryx Mon 17-Aug-15 15:58:04

I am not a doctor so can't say, but this was my experience (am now 25 weeks pregnant)

They took my booking bloods so they know your blood type, also if your HIV neg etc. they didn't mention anything to me but just put a note in my maternity notes, that they should give for you to keep at 12 weeks. Nothing was wrong per say, so no call, but did mention it at 12 week scan and blood test and just said everything was in my notes.

After I had my 12 week scan they phoned me after 2 weeks. Midwife said, call means something is wrong and letter means everything is fine. I am low on a hormone called PAPP-A and need consultant led care, and the call is so if you get bad news you understand what the letter means when it comes later.

I understand you are worried and with the timing of your first mmc it probably doesn't feel real yet and might not until your scan (I was the same) they should tell you everything they are testing for but I THINK the first round of tests is for, rubella and HIV and syphillis and for your blood type (if your neg, google anti d)

Hope this helps!

Tigerstar123 Mon 17-Aug-15 16:07:23

Ahh, thanks for your experience Cranberryx. Congrats on your pg!
Midwife said what the tests were looking for, hence why I started worrying. I was the same last year too. I think I'm more worried that because I never got to the 12 weeks scan before, I never had that appt with the midwife for results and worried that if something was wrong, I may have slipped thru net, so to say.

Think I've just got myself in a state of panic! Xx

DefinitelyNotElsa Mon 17-Aug-15 16:24:38

In my hospital trust, the results of your booking blood tests are discussed with you directly after your 12 week scan. I was given a paper copy of the results for my notes, which the midwife then transferred over during my next appointment (16 weeks).

lauraa4 Mon 17-Aug-15 16:46:32

Throughout my pregnancy I've had various blood tests for all sorts of things. Initial booking in blood tests, bloods taken just after 12 week scan, GTT test, antibodies tests twice because they lost the first set! Blood test last week because they found protein trace in my urine.

My midwife always says if I'm not called that's a good thing. If there was anything that came up they would call you straight away. In your booking in appointment they test for things like HIV, Hepatitis, syphilis etc and they are all things that there is no way they would wait to inform you of.

If you are really that worried you can phone the hospital for your results as long as it has been at least 48 hours.

cranberryx Mon 17-Aug-15 17:46:07

Thanks Tiger! Congrats to you too!

I won't tell you not to worry, because with what has happened previously, anyone would worry but just going to say, relax and do what's best for your body and your baby. smile

Tigerstar123 Mon 17-Aug-15 19:44:59

Thank you all.
Laura, you sound like a pin cushion! Hope all going well in your pg.

Cranberryx, I'm doing better this pg with trying to relax (doesn't sound it though I know!). In this pg we've already had an early scan due to concerns that it was ectopic and we've seen a hb, so that was slightly reassuring.

Think I might ring for results end of week. Mw gave me the number today. I'm sure as I left, she changed the 'no mh worries box' on my notes to 'this lady is crazy'...!

Thanks again all. Much appreciated Xx

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Mon 17-Aug-15 22:09:09

I've had bloods taken every 3 weeks or so for the usual tests plus regular monitoring of an endocrine problem I have. The only time I've been phoned about the results was when midwife called to say one of my bloods had clotted before they could test it so I'd need to come in to get it repeated. And the other time has been to say my dose of medication needs changed as my blood results were off. If everything's okay I don't hear anything until the next appointment - usually if I haven't heard anything a week after bloods are done I can assume I'm okay!

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