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Last minute wobbles/worries - tell me it's normal

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Dildals Mon 17-Aug-15 13:16:50

I am 37 weeks now and for the last couple of weeks I am wondering HOW/WHERE/WHEN did we actually decide to have a second baby?!?!

I know we decided to have 2 children but now that I am so close I am starting to wonder whether we've done the right thing and whether this decision was made rationally (are they ever though?)? The prospect of being trapped in ball pit country for the next x years just gets me down. It's just relentless, kids. This is all not helped by the toddler just entering 'terrible twos' stages which is making parenting her not that much fun. The constant negotiation of tantrums just makes me want to leave the country tbh.

I am also started to wonder about my relationship with my husband, whether we will be able to cope with the stress of having 2. I had this last time round too, so I am just chalking this up to hormones. I think it's well documented that in pregnancy a husband breathing too close to your face or eating with even the smallest of noise is sufficient grounds to kick him off the stairs and just take the jail sentence. ;-)

I am also worrying that I won't be able to bond with the baby. I always wanted 2 girls and this one is a boy. I am looking at boys clothes in the shops and I just can't get excited about it (boys clothes are a bit rubbish aren't they). Same with names, just can't find a boys name that really floats my boat, we've got one but for both of us it's in the category of 'that'll do!'. Poor kid.

Sorry for the slightly depressing post! Just wondering whether there are other ladies out there feeling the same!

zannyminxoxox Mon 17-Aug-15 13:25:16

I was the same hun you sound exactly like I did when I was pregnant with my boy. When hes born you will feel different the love will over power you. I had a girl first and I went baby clothes shopping with my husband with my boy and I just broke down crying and said I don't know what to buy, you will have to choose. When he was here tho I loved him to pieces but I did stuggle to bond as he had bad colic but I still love him and tried everyday with him even though it was testing at times. As he would only settle for my DH for the first few months.

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