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TTC after ERPC using Clearblue Dual Hormone Ovulation Sticks

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Turi1983 Mon 17-Aug-15 12:25:06

Hi all

On Thursday 16 July, I had spotting at 8.5 weeks. First pregnancy. Delayed miscarriage of twins. I had an ERPC a week later on Thursday 23 July. We were given the all-clear to start trying again straight away.

I had a positive pregnancy test until Thursday 6 August, two weeks after the ERPC. As soon as I had a negative pregnancy test, I started using Boots own-brand ovulation sticks and they indicated that I was ovulating. However, after five consecutive days of positives I suspected the tests were just picking up on leftover HCG.

I left it a few days and decided to spend more on Clearblue Dual Hormone Ovulation Sticks. I had empty circles (not fertile) for two or three days and then on Friday 14 August, a flashing smiley face (high fertility). I’ve now had four consecutive days of flashing smiley faces – and three consecutive days of making love with my poor knackered husband - but no static smiley face (peak fertility). Is anyone else using Clearblue and had more than two days of smiley faces?

People have said, ‘let nature take its course’ but I’m sure you will understand that when you’ve been pregnant, you just want to fall pregnant again asap.

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