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Here's what I am taking to the hospital

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Focusfocus Mon 17-Aug-15 11:12:25

Right, after reading loads of mumsnet advice on hospital bags ranging from "you definitely DONT need X" to "oh I missed X in my bag so badly" I've decided what I am taking. If anything seems very very obviously wrong do tell me! (Planning a water Hypno-birth but informed about all possibilities)


5 vests
3 sleepsuits
2 blankets
Cotton wool
Changing mat


light dressing gown for postnatal
Bikini top
Couple of comfy large PJS
Bath towel
Face towel
Soft flannels, cheap plastic bowl, couple of labour essential oils
Cheap plastic mug to pour water on sore bits
Cold maternity pads x 20 stuck in their freezer or fridge
Witch hazel tucks pads
Black oversize granny pants x 5
Sports drinking bottle
My own nursing tea bags
Flipflops for the dirty showers
iPod with hypnobirthing tracks, iPad, phone, charger
LED candle to stick on a shelf by the pool
Small bottle of those face and body cooling sprays
Basic gentle toileteries mini size
Plastic bags
Small toilet bag
Moist toilet tissue possible waterwipes


frozen juices
Crisps (don't like sweets)
Cooked frozen pizza slices have been suggested
Lucozade type stuff in some form


change of clothes for DH
trunks in case he fancies getting in my hot mucky pool
Change in coins

DH and Doula to be birth partners. DH will be mobile for trips to fast food 24/7 drive through a while doula stays with me.

Anything obviously missing?

ANiceSliceOfCake Mon 17-Aug-15 11:18:12

Camera? Or are you using your phones?

ANiceSliceOfCake Mon 17-Aug-15 11:19:37

Oh and bra or crop top for you for feeding?

AllThereIs Mon 17-Aug-15 11:21:55

Nightdress in case of catheter?

Superexcited Mon 17-Aug-15 11:23:35

Do you need a sieve? My hospital require you to bring a sieve if you want a water birth (in order to scoop out unwanted stuff).

Heels99 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:25:14

More clothes for baby
I would ditch the pizza you wont want cold pizza!
Squash to drink

applecore0317 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:26:54

I started off having a water birth using the hypnobirthing techniques, got out because I was hot and bothered. I had still lucozade and one of those cups with a lid on that has a straw in it that goes to the bottom of the cuo, much better than a sports bottle as didn't have to lean my head back to drink and as I was sick during contractions and pushing it was great for keeping me hydrated and meant I avoided a drip.

You shouldn't need a Thermos as they have tea trollies that have hot water. Food wise I just took cereal bars and some chocolate. I didn't eat anything during labour but they made good snacks for afterwards. I didn't need a changing mat either.

Can't think of anything you are missing apart from clothes to go home in, I over packed and barely used anything due to it being a fast labour. Also the MLU that I was in had different coloured LED lights, you could choose the colour setting, so might be worth seeing if your local on does rather than taking the candle. A spare bikini top might be handy too, I ended up taking mine off completely as it had sick all over it.

The hypnobirthing breathing was great for me, but the being sick part not so much love smile

applecore0317 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:27:33

I didn't need a sieve... They had their own

Heels99 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:27:41

Make up
What is the thermos for?
Kindle or book or mags
Nursing pillow
You have very little storage space

Heels99 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:28:45


applecore0317 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:30:22

Don't know why my tablet put love at the end of that lol

CarrotPuff Mon 17-Aug-15 11:31:32

If you are taking 5 vests, why only 3 sleepsuits? Take 5 of each.
Not sure you need a changing mat - you can change them on one of those bed mats that they give you.
One blanket is enough - they give blankets at hospital.
Don't know when you are due but if in colder month then maybe a cardi for the journey home.
Have you checked with hospital re towels? Mine provided towels.
Not sure what nursing tea bags are...
Lansinoh if you are planning to bf
Nursing bras
Clothes to go home in (NOT your normal clothes)
Sudocream or other nappy barrier
One of those pocket sized vaseline tubs to put on baby's bum to take off mecomium easier

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Mon 17-Aug-15 11:32:36

Something to think about at my hospital they wouldn't let me put the gel pads in the fridge due to 'health and safety' so may be worth checking in advance

CarrotPuff Mon 17-Aug-15 11:34:55

Oh and hair band if you have long hair!

Focusfocus Mon 17-Aug-15 11:39:03

I've got nursing bra, lansinoh, barrier cream etc. Slippers are on the list.

See this is where things get confusing because every hospital is so different. On no other thread when I'd said more vests etc it was told absolutely not, that's too much. Someone said a changing mat was a definite. Nursing pillows were suggested by some, and deeply discouraged by others. You just don't know!

I've visited the pool and the birth centre, and also the labour room and the post natal bays. Plenty of storage for what I am planning. no lighting etc. Been told to take towels.

I don't use or own make up in any form at all, so that's not on the list.
T he thermos is for ice chips, which I love, and as suggested by midwives and doula.
Nursing tea is just a fennel/anise/fenugreek tea for mums, as I don't drink regular tea, and love my herbal teas.

Quills Mon 17-Aug-15 12:24:10

Lip balm if you're planning to use gas and air - it really dries your lips out. I didn't need a changing mat with either of mine, as both hospitals (Nottingham and Bristol) provided disposable bed mats which I changed my girls on when they needed it.

LilyRose16 Mon 17-Aug-15 12:35:37

Hi Focus

Cant think of anything else you need that hasnt already been mentioned. When you've had baby, would you mind posting your experience of using hypnobirthing please? People look at me like i have 10 heads when i mention this but i really want to do this too. From what ive heard, im not sure why more people dont opt for this! Hope it all goes well for you

Focusfocus Mon 17-Aug-15 12:39:52

Hi lily rose when are you due? We could pm about it a bit if you wish!

Heels99 Mon 17-Aug-15 12:43:22

Ear plugs and eye mask, absolutely essential in case you stay overnight as the lights are still in low and other peoples babies screaming stop you getting any sleep

Bolshybookworm Mon 17-Aug-15 12:50:21

I'd take about a 5th of that list and leave all the stuff you think you might need for a more extended stay in a bag at home. If you have a straightforward birth you might only be in for 12 hours afterwards, so will need the bare minimum as you can shower or bathe at home (although I'd still bring a mini bottle of shower gel, just in case. If it turns out that you need to stay in for longer then you can get your partner to bring in the extra stuff from home. Plastic cup for your stitches?! There's no way I was pouring ANYTHING down there for at least a week grin. If you get desperate you could ask for a plastic water cup anyway.

Focusfocus Mon 17-Aug-15 13:00:42

But, I was advised by midwife and many others here that it helps to pour water when peeing to reduce the sting! How would I go days without some water down there? They told me to take a small mug to ease the stinging, lots of my friends said pouring water during a pee eased the stings.

I've read so many hospital bag threads now and my only conclusion is that there never will be a list posted that everyone thinks is just right, it's always too little or too much :D

CheeseEMouse Mon 17-Aug-15 13:07:00

I was just going to say ear plugs and eye mask for post natal ward. And if you are taking your phone take a charger. Good luck smile

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 17-Aug-15 13:12:24

I had twins and took half of that but then I was only in for 2 nights. My hospital provided pretty much everything but I didn't know that beforehand. I'd say take plenty of maternity pads in case you're kept in longer than planned but your OH can always go home to bring in more of anything for you. Best of luck!

mrstothemr Mon 17-Aug-15 13:21:56

Great list! Minor personal things I'd add...

- Lip balm
- Bottled water
- Nappy the sacks (for you and bub)
- Tens machine (if you don't manage the water birth you might like it)

& check that your shower stuff is as plain as it can possibly be, no scent etc

CarrotPuff Mon 17-Aug-15 13:27:33

Putting your hands in front of you on the floor when you pee so that you lean as much forward as you can should do the trick.

You probably won't use half of the stuff you take, but if it all fits neatly in the bag then why not.

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