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Pregnancy safe treatment for spots and oily skin

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FrancoisLaPrune Mon 17-Aug-15 10:16:19

I'm currently 9w3d and for the last two weeks have been suffering from really bad spotty skin on my chest, back, back of my neck and hair line. Fortunately they've not made it as far as my face but my chest looks hideous. It is really knocking my confidence and limiting what I can wear because I want to keep them covered up when I am at work / out and about.

I have read that a lot of the treatments on the market for spot treatment (oxy, clearasil etc) are not suitable for pregnancy so can anyone recommend an affective treatment?

I am also experiencing really oily skin on my face. Not just a bit greasy, I am talking full on oil slick. I have switched to an oil free moisturizer and I use a mineral powder foundation but by midday I can feel the grease on my face it's like it's sliding off. I have been using those little rice paper things to blot and keep a powder compact on me but it doesn't last long. Any suggestions?

On the plus side, my hair is looking better than it has ever looked!

DefinitelyNotElsa Mon 17-Aug-15 10:53:10

I'd recommend reading Caroline Hirons' and A Model Recommends' blogs. Both of them have great skincare advice related to pregnancy.

Personally, I think most of the 'standard' spot treatments are awful due to the high levels of alcohol in them (very stripping for the skin). You most likely need to rebalance the skin with some gentler products - cream cleansers and oils etc.

FrancoisLaPrune Mon 17-Aug-15 16:48:22

Thanks DefinitelyNotElsa I'll have a look at those blogs

Plateofcrumbs Mon 17-Aug-15 16:53:46

Belli face wash and acne treatment is great - specifically designed for pregnant women.

It's an American brand and it was twice the price over here sadly:

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