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Fed up as not really sure if I am pregnant again

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d1157230986361b000875 Mon 17-Aug-15 07:39:36

Not really sure were to start...Me and my DH decided to try for #3 and came off the pill last October. I fell pregnant in January, but sadly had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks, I then found out I was pregnant again on our wedding in June with twins but again miscarried at 8 weeks+ July 9th.

I haven't had a period since so took a test at and it was a BFP I wasn't sure if this was old HCG levels returning so I booked in with my GP and I asked for a blood test, to determine whether my levels were dropping from previous pregnancy or high enough for a new viable pregnancy. To my dismay my GP surgery only do a urine sample sad
She told me after 35 days if I still have a positive it's a new pregnancy and to re-test a week later. I tested on Saturday 37 days late and BFP, only to have a light bleed Sunday which was red and then turned brown and hardly fills a pad.
I am so confused with what my body is doing - I don't know whether I am pregnant or not, and just so fed up. Just wish there was a way I could know for sure.

Frankie72 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:00:04

A similar thing happened to us we got prey straight after my mc. We ended up in the Epu to find out if it was old or new... It was very stressful but it had a positive end :-)

d1157230986361b000875 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:04:16

That's great news Frankie smile
I just rang the EPU and they are going to call me back later-maybe I can get some advice.

I would love this to be a happy story as well. But I am also realistic smile

Frankie72 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:17:09

Be warned they might not be all positive at first it was a horrible 2 weeks of stress an worry for us. Hopefully it won't be for you though! We had to keep going in for blood tests and and very early scan (which showed nothing :-( ) and they were quite negative for that period of time. I k ow they had to prepare us but it was horrible not knowing. Then they scanned us again a week later and we saw a heart beat! I have had some brown spotting this week but they didn't seem overly concerned after they saw the hb so should be fine :-) good luck x

d1157230986361b000875 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:48:16

I know how stressful it can be and the waiting is torture! This time I am just unsure whether I am actually pregnant again, or if I am not. The lady on the phone said she would call me back later today, but I wouldn't get a scan today, if that's what I wanted.
I just want some advice and clarification really. I have never had brown blood with my pregnancies before (I have two children and have mc 4 times).
I want this so badly - but I had mild cramping pains yesterday as well, maybe AF is making a later appearance...damn her!!

How far gone are you Frankie? So is brown blood old blood?

Frankie72 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:59:44

Brown is old and better than red (though my mc started with brown last time :-(( ). It's easing today and it is only spotting so hopefully nothing horrible will happen! The dread of going to the toilet it horrible. They didn't find a reason for it on the scan so who knows where it's come from x

d1157230986361b000875 Mon 17-Aug-15 09:44:41

Sometimes there is no reason for bleeding or spotting and if they saw a hb that's a really positive sign smile I had spotting last night and a little this morning so it's easing.

d1157230986361b000875 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:04:18

The EPU phoned me and they are going to take my bloods for me to see where my HCG levels are- so I will at least know if it's new and old hormones. Feel a bit more relieved now.

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