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really painful aching at 10 weeks

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VeryEarlyDays Sun 16-Aug-15 19:51:26

I have a really dull very painful ache, like period pain but worse and it's really getting to me. I remember this with my first but it was not nearly so bad - maybe because I could just lie in bed all day last time... I'm being sick a lot more frequently but again I'm having to change nappies and things that keep setting me off.
The pain is not coming in waves and I'm not bleeding so I keep telling myself it's nothing to really worry about but I can't help it! Has anyone else had this? One of my Mum's friend's ( a retired midwife) not to worry it was probably just twins shock

zannyminxoxox Mon 17-Aug-15 10:40:00

Yes im the same this is my 3rd and the pains are so bad at times I went to the doctor and rang EPU and have a scan on wednesday, but he thinks its just my muscles pulling nothing serious. I have been told could be twins too Im hoping not confused

VeryEarlyDays Mon 17-Aug-15 15:39:31

poor you zanny it's horrid isn't it! I went swimming today (very slowly and gently) and it seemed to help which cheers me up in thinking it is muscular but good God it hurts!
who are the Epu?

QforCucumber Mon 17-Aug-15 15:52:27

They are the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital,

give them a google and call them - I know at my local one they are 24/7 and someone will always try to help.

Tigerstar123 Mon 17-Aug-15 15:58:07

I too have suffered with pain since day 1. Thought it was my usually period pain, as I suffer with endometriosis. Was referred to EPU as precaution and they said that some ladies do get pain, due to ligaments stretching (which surprised me, considering baby size of hardly anything!).

Each epu has different rules for referral. For eg my local one does not allow self referral. Q gives good advice to google local unit. I'm sure there is then a list which advises which ones allow self referral and which ones need gp/midwife ref. Epu are very good at putting your mind at rest by early scanning etc

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